• Michael Vaicaitis

    I confess, my initial reaction to the roadster payload was “silly idea”, but the pictures from space were truly epic and inspiring – a brilliant PR move to engage a wider general public audience.
    Also, nice to see that centre core video – that was close to be a sunk asds!

  • Kirk

    At 0:44 is the first video I’ve seen taken from the camera shown being mounted on the Fixed Service Structure in this photo. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DWkc0DkU8AEfekz.jpg

  • Terry Stetler

    Neh, OCISLY has taken a direct hit before and stayed afloat. Those barges are built tough, with many bulkheads & dividers. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3fcfb25efbb3525ca40916fed21a1acc427973a3fc856204278134afec70b991.jpg

  • Mr Snarky Answer

    Unsinkable ship…sounds like a challenge.

  • Jacob Samorodin

    Since we are on a topic involving Musk’s handiwork, I am wondering what will happen if Musk finds the BFR/BFS project too expensive, too technically challenging, too long in development? Will he “change his mind again” and revert to man-rating and using the proven FH for lunar missions? Ignore the ‘fake news’ about him being quoted by the BBC as saying, there will be short flights by SpaceX to Mars next year.

  • Ignacio Rockwill

    Interesting proposition, but it will take a long to find out which way it goes. There were 7 elapsed years between the FH announcement and inaugural flight, so I’m willing to give Elon et al. a little more time 😉

  • Kirk

    He specifically said so in the Falcon Heavy pre-launch press conference: “Now we’ll see how the BFR development goes. If that ends up taking longer than expected, then we’ll return to the idea of sending a Crew Dragon on Falcon Heavy around the Moon. And potentially doing other things with crew on Falcon Heavy. But right now it looks like BFR development is moving quickly and it will not be necessary to qualify Falcon Heavy for crewed spaceflight. We could be ready to do short hops of the spaceship portion of BFR … with the ship next year.”

    The ‘fake news’ you refer to was a misunderstanding of his recent statement that they have already started construction on the first prototype BFS, and are currently on schedule (an ambitious schedule, no doubt) to conduct Grasshopper / F9R style tests with it in the first half of next year.

  • duheagle

    If BFS is doing short hops in TX in the first half of next year, then it won’t have taken any longer than 15 months “to find out which way it goes.”

  • publiusr

    It does worry me that there were folks in Space X who wanted to kill off Falcon Heavy. Maybe because they were gung ho for BFR–good.

    Or maybe, it’s just the old “don’t build a bigger rocket than what you need” crap