BitcoinLatina Foundation, CubeCab to Launch 300 Satellite Network to Support BCL Blockchain

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (BitcoinLatina PR) — Building on the promises of Bitcoin, the BitcoinLatina Foundation announced it is planning on constructing a private satellite constellation dedicated to facilitate the use of uninterrupted distributed applications across its distributed peer-to-peer computer network.  The Foundation’s launch provider, CubeCab, will use this constellation to demonstrate a very high launch rate, an achievement long known to be necessary to significantly reduce cost of access to Earth orbit.

“Latin American has many areas with poor Internet access,” said John Gotts, CEO of the BitcoinLatina Foundation.  “Internet access is usually required to make use of distributed applications on blockchains such as BitcoinLatina, so we are developing satellites and cheap, easy to use ground terminals to bypass the problem.  Previous attempts at satellite-enabled cryptocurrencies have mostly failed for want of monetization, but a network dedicated to financial transactions has several easy solutions to pay for itself.”

The initial constellation of three hundred satellites, to be deployed 2020-2022, will entail three hundred flights of CubeCab’s Cab-3A launch vehicle.  The Cab-3A is designed to place individual satellites weighing up to 5 kilograms (CubeSats) into Low Earth Orbit (LEO).  “SpaceX made huge strides in the satellite industry by increasing its launch rate to about two dozen a year, but far more is needed,” said Adrian Tymes, CEO of CubeCab.  “There is demand for over one hundred CubeSat launches per year and this is an underserved Market.  So we made the Cab-3A to the serve the existing market need, and sure enough, customers have come calling.”

As to this deal, Tymes noted, “Launching to LEO will ease latency and replacement. These 300 satellites are just the first version of their constellation, to be upgraded after they see how people use the network. There is demand for over one hundred CubeSat launches per year, and this is an underserved market. So we made the Cab-3A to the serve the existing market need, and sure enough, customers have come calling.”

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  • Greaaaaaaat. I’m sure the conversion went something like:
    “Space might be the next big thing.
    Bitcoins might be the next big things.

    Space in bitcoins?

    No, bitcoins IN SPAAAAAACE!”

  • Pete Zaitcev

    I’m very curious what “several easy solutions to pay for itself” may be. The idea of the Bitcoin satellite was under development at Dunvegan for quite a while. They actually have the satellite mostly or completely constructed. However, their constellation is very small, perhaps 2 or 3 at a time. And it does not have a path to profitability. Bloq is bankrolling the operation for research purposes.

  • Flechette

    I have read a bunch of block-chain businesses; I do not see any profit potential, nor even a viable business plan.

    So far it seems to be a “this is great! We are going to change the world” frenzy, with no one saying how that will make money.

    Even during the height of the .com frenzy in the 90’s people at least had *some* business model. It may have been wrong but at least they had one.

  • ThomasLMatula

    Also you didn’t have the Central Banks and financial regulators from multiple countries giving you the evil eye for claiming to create money out of nowhere. That is their monopoly. Or that these the “easy money” from the blockchain currencies scheme will attract organized crime like honey attracts flies. This is probably not going to end well…

  • Poghos Free

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