Space Studies Institute Begins Releasing Videos of 2017 Advanced Propulsion Workshop

Credit: SSI

MOJAVE, Calif. (SSI PR) — Last November Space Studies Institute NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Team Principal Investigator Dr. Heidi Fearn and Team Consultant Dr. James Woodward invited a group of friends and colleagues to discuss updates in engineering and testing of Propellant-less Propulsion, The “Woodward Effect,” The Machian Principle and other advanced physics and propulsion engineering topics.

Greg Meholic of The Aerospace Corporation, a presenter at the 2016 Estes Park Breakthrough Propulsion Workshop, offered an excellent space for this gathering in the Sally Ride Board Room at The Aerospace Corporation’s El Segundo, California headquarters.

The Space Studies Institute recorded the three day event and we are proud to begin releasing the full-length videos of the presentations starting this week on the SSI YouTube Channel ( ). In addition, most presenters provided their slides and we will be posting these on special new pages on the SSI.ORG website.

The presenters, in order of appearance and video release are:

  • Dr. David Hyland of Texas A&M University
  • Marc Millis of The Tau Zero Foundation
  • Glen “Tony” Robertson
  • Dr. Martin Tajmar of Dresden University of Technology
  • John Cramer, Professor Emeritus of Physics at the University of Washington
  • Jean-Philippe Montillet of École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (slides only)
  • Dr. José Rodal of Rodal Consulting
  • Michael McDonald of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
  • Dr. Raymond Chaio, Professor Emeritus at the University of California Merced
  • Dr. Peter M. Jansson of Bucknell University and Integrated Systems
  • John Brandenburg of Morningstar Applied Physics, LLC
  • and SSI Senior Associate Dr. Heidi Fearn of the California State University Fullerton

Many sessions included stimulating, insightful and even entertaining Q&A and Dr. Woodward stepped in occasionally to provide clarification of technical and historical Einsteinian physics details.

Credit: SSI

Even if your day job has nothing to do with Physics or Starships, we hope that you will give each of the video presentations a good college try. Seeing the faces of the scientists and engineers as they present their passions and observing the discussions makes the content come alive.

The Space Studies Institute is very proud of the SSI NIAC Team, Dr. Heidi Fearn, Dr. José Rodal, Mr. Marshall Eubanks, Mr. Paul March, Mr. Gary C Hudson and Professor James F. Woodward, and we thank them for putting together this important gathering.

We also extend our deepest thanks to the staff at The Aerospace Corporation, especially Greg Meholic and Robert Chismar, for making everyone feel so welcome. Their hard work paid off and made the three days of sessions a wonderful experience that SSI is excited to begin sharing with the world.

Credit: SSI

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For more information on SSI’s Exotic Propulsion Initiative including links to the videos of the entire 2016 SSI Estes Park Breakthrough Propulsion Workshop, click here.

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The video releases of the presentations of the 2017 Advanced Propulsion Workshop.

Beginning Wednesday January 31st on the SSI YouTube Channel.

Proudly presented by The Space Studies Institute.