Group Forms to Support Spaceport America

LAS CRUCES, NM (Ambassadors for Spaceport America PR) — Supporters of Spaceport America, who envision a the development of a thriving commercial space industry in New Mexico, have formed a new organization to support and promote those opportunities to the public, elected officials, policy makers and the media.

The founders of AMBASSADORS FOR SPACEPORT AMERICA, Tom Hutchinson of Las Cruces and Dale Dekker of Albuquerque, hope to create a broad and diverse community of support for Spaceport that is informed and educated about the opportunities that space commercial development offers to the State. According to Tom Hutchinson, several business leaders from throughout the state got together to discuss the emerging personal and commercial spaceflight Industry and the huge opportunity that New Mexico, with its state-of-the-art facility, has to become an industry leader. “We all shared the vision that Spaceport could anchor an economic hub based on the aerospace and commercial space industry, which would generate a job creation and business recruitment engine for the State.”

Dale Dekker strongly believes that commercial space development is rapidly growing and is expected to become a major sector of the world economy in the near future. “I believe that New Mexico is uniquely positioned, with our national labs, the Air Force Research Labs, White Sands Missile Range, and our top-ranked research universities to contribute to the technological advancement of space commercialization.” The State could become a global center of space technology innovation. “We formed the Ambassadors to promote Spaceport America as a hub around which the State can develop a strong presence in this rapidly growing industry.”

The group that created SPACEPORT AMBASSADORS were inspired by a shift in momentum regarding activity at Spaceport America, as well as a new awareness in the national and international business community that space commercial development is a huge and growing sector of the economy. Dale Dekker cites the October 2017 Bank of America/Merrill Lynch report “To Infinity and Beyond” on that growth trend. “Clearly market availability and Spaceport’s preparedness for new business was an indicator that it was time to re-energize the support, advocacy, and awareness effort in the State, particularly from the private sector” so we formed the Ambassadors group to do just that.”

A major focus of Ambassadors will be the tourism and hospitality industry. According to Tom Hutchinson, “Spaceport America already is a major generator of tourism and that will grow as activity at Spaceport increases.” Ambassadors also envision Spaceport as a great educational asset, and will support and encourage educators to utilize the Zoom program to excite the State’s children science and technology. And Ambassadors will support the research and testing programs offered by Spaceport to our university students.

Founders Tom Hutchinson and Dale Dekker, as well as the many New Mexicans who have already joined Ambassadors, believe that “Spaceport America is a tremendous asset to New Mexico. We are fortunate to have a facility that will allow New Mexico to take advantage of the potential for the rapidly growing aerospace and commercial space industry.”

Ambassadors are also supporting SPACEPORT DAY AT THE LEGISLATURE on January 29 at the State Capitol. Spaceport will be showcasing some of its broad range of customers, vendors and other users at a Media Conference in the Rotunda at 1pm that day.

  • This sounds like a really good idea but doesn’t that further demonstrate that the State has been unable to create even a fraction of what it promised at Spaceport America? In fact, after dropping more than $250 mil on the spaceport, SA’s portfolio is pitiful and their efforts must be embarrassing to their supporters. For example, their recently hyped promotion “plans” for the “spaceport” mentioned they might even have a “event”, like the Mojave Marathon. But to sound like it would really matter, they inflated the turnout for Mojave at “about” 150 but was actually 29 plus 5 volunteers. And they are pinning their hopes on companies like Exos and Pipeline2Space.

    Cheerleaders for Spaceport America will be even less effective than the State which can give away millions in incentives.

    Since the last scheduled passenger flights to Las Cruces ended in 2005, who can resist the appeal of flying into to Albuquerque, then drive three hours to the “spaceport” for their VG tourist ride? Maybe Richard Branson will include a helicopter ride and bypass TorC and Las Cruces?

    Very simply, the spaceport is, and will remain, an ill-conceived boondoggle for the foreseeable future for the nearby, ever-hopeful communities.

  • Hemingway

    Interestingly DMJM Aviation/AECOM provided architectural and engineering services for Spaceport America. The companies teamed with two Albuquerque architectural and engineering firms, Dekker Perich Sabatini (Dale Dekker’s company) and Molzen-Corbin & Associates. Maybe Mr. Dekker is hoping for more business with the construction of a new $10,000,000 hangar for the spaceport. With the new secret act for Spaceport America, New Mexicans would not know. As they say: “follow the money!”

  • duheagle

    I suppose it was inevitable that a spaceport would have a booster club.