SpaceX Conducts Falcon Heavy Static Fire

That’s the power of 27 Merlin engines all firing at once. Awaiting word from SpaceX about how it went. If well, they should be able to provide a date for the inaugural launch.

  • Congrats to the SpaceX team.

  • Andrew Tubbiolo

    He he, that’s a Space Shuttle sized plume!!!! 8) Amazing acoustic rip as the engine startup sequence came in to the viewing location.

  • therealdmt

    I was beginning to think it was never gonna happen 🙂

    What a cloud, eh

  • Enrique Moreno

    I feel very grateful to Elon Musk to do such things. Amazing events are comming.

  • Bulldog

    Outstanding! Congratulations to the SpaceX team for their perseverance and thank you to everyone supporting it at KSC, CCAFS, PAFB and the FAA. I am definitely looking forward to this launch!