World View Obtains High Resolution Imagery From Stratollite

Example of fleet management (Credit: World View)

TUCSON, Ariz. (World View PR) – World View, the stratospheric exploration company, released today the first-ever remote sensing imagery captured from their high-altitude Stratollite™ vehicle. The images were captured from altitudes ranging between 65,000 and 75,000 ft. with an off-the-shelf imaging sensor and show sub-meter resolution capability from the Stratollite.

“We are thrilled to share this collection of high-resolution imagery taken from the Stratollite,” said Jane Poynter, World View founder and CEO. “Coupled with Stratollite’s game-changing ability to persist over areas of interest for days, weeks, and months on end, the ability to capture real-time images like these will unlock unprecedented applications and markets for the Stratollite.”

Example of asset management (Credit: World View)

The Stratollite platform and its ability to loiter over an area for up to months at a time makes it an unrivalled performer for targeted imagery applications, resulting in higher revisit rates, higher imagery resolution and higher temporal resolution than possible with satellite imagery. The Stratollite combines many of the benefits of comparable technologies like geo-stationary satellites, LEO satellites, and high-altitude drones, all at a fraction of the cost of those platforms. The Stratollite is also designed to carry a wide variety of sensor packages and payloads, including electro-optical, near infrared, hyperspectral, synthetic aperture radar, and full motion video. These myriad sensor packages combined with the station-keeping capabilities of the Stratollite allow for change detection in a wide range of asset monitoring applications.ranging from asset monitoring to crop monitoring, among others.

World View is already demonstrating remote sensing capabilities in several applications for commercial and government customers. World View has successfully demonstrated sub-meter remote sensing resolution capability and plans to soon deliver 10-15cm imaging resolution. World View also anticipates soon delivering real-time, continuous downlink of high-resolution remote sensing imagery and data to commercial and government customers. The Stratollite also leverage its station-keeping capabilities to loiter over economic hot spots and collect and downlink real-time data for either specific customers or for a variety of unique uses and applications.

World View is actively working with partners to integrate more diverse sensors and suites with pointing and real-time downlink capabilities for future missions. Using either line of sight or high-bandwidth SATCOM services, backhaul demonstrated backhaul communications at 10Mbps and will soon approach 500 Mbps, providing real time access to high resolution captured imagery. This capability provides an unprecedented 24/7 real-time, high-resolution sensor capability for commercial and government customers.

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