• ThomasLMatula

    Gee, it barely fits on the runway…

  • Siskka

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  • Jacob Samorodin

    Ladies and gentlemen! This is one of your TWO captains speaking! Please fasten your seat-belts; put your trays in the upright position; and extinguish all cigarettes (including those wacky California smokes) and prepare for immediate departure…Unfortunately, we cannot take off today, but we will be taxing all the way to Sacramento, on the I-5….Governor Moonbeam wants to use this aircraft for his own personal use.

  • anon

    FYI an additional video of engine runup testing has also been recently posted

    on the Stratolaunch youtube chanel.

    ‘Stratolaunch Engine Test’


  • Larry J

    It’s good they’re doing the taxi tests. It’d be even better if they had a viable rocket to launch from it. Sure, they can launch three Pegasus rockets at once! Considering that Pegasus only flies about once a year, I don’t see much market for it. Rumors are that StratoLaunch is developing their own rocket. Unless they buy engines (or solid rocket motors) from someone else, it’ll be many years before they’re ready to launch.