Get Ready for Space Policy Directive 1!

President Donald Trump signs an executive order reviving the National Space Council. (Credit: The White House)

President Donald Trump has the following on his schedule for Monday:

3:00PM THE PRESIDENT participates in a signing ceremony for Space Policy Directive 1
Oval Office, which covers space policy, and another website that watches all things NASA whose name escapes me are reporting rumors the policy relates to returning astronauts to the moon. We’re also celebrating the 45th anniversary of Apollo 17 mission, which was the last human voyage to the moon in 1972.

Whatever it is, I’m hoping Trump can get through the signing without wandering off course and off script. The last thing anyone wants to hear about is Arnold’s stint on The Apprentice, Hillary’s emails or what network pissed him off that morning. And, if Buzz is there, he should under no circumstances refer to him as the second man on the moon. I think he would lose it and he’s got a pretty good right cross.

  • Jimmy S. Overly

    Raise your hand if think *another* executive space order is going to produce any measurable progress?

  • Jeff2Space

    It will if it kills SLS (which is the only way to free up enough money to develop things like a manned lunar lander, lunar habitat, and new lunar surface EVA suits). Of course Congress would need to go along with this. When Obama tried to kill off Ares I and Ares V, Congress retaliated by creating the SLS program. We shall see what happens.

  • Jimmy S. Overly

    Yah, VSE and ARM have left me jaded.

  • mike_shupp

    Congress is in the midst of passing a budget bill which will carve 1.5 trillion dollars over the next decade from the federal budget, and is now looking for ways to make such this feasible. The likeliest outcome is cuts in spending for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and “independent agencies” such as NASA. I’d guess the prospects for any sizable new space project are slim.Realistically, the best we can expect would be a declaration that points to a lunar return at some unspecified date with some unspecified goal — the Trump administration counterpart of Obama’s Mars mission.

  • Um, isn’t Space Policy Direction #1 really The PRIME Directive?


  • Larry J

    Funny, I didn’t hear a lot of Democrats complaining when Obama ran up the national debt by over 7 trillion dollars in 7 years. To hear them now, a trillion dollars over ten years is a catastrophe.

  • Jimmy S. Overly

    I was hoping he’d call it Order 66.

  • Larry J

    The Prime Directive would also apply to Space Policy Direction # 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, and so on.

  • Douglas Messier

    Au contraire. There was a lot of complaining — by the Republicans who are now breaking their own promises about debt reduction.

  • Andrew Tubbiolo

    Yes there were those of us who the Republican party has left behind in it’s turn into the beginnings of Fascism who even thought Obama was meerly a less destructive president than GW Bush who were shocked by Obama’s continuation of the Republican spawned plan of growing the debt at geometric rates.

  • Andrew Tubbiolo

    I think your musings sound very credible. I can only hope that the fiscal pressures will push toward using Falcon and New Glenn as the base for a Lunar program and not SLS. However planning and not flying is the least risk averse strategy to take. SLS fits the bill perfectly to soak up dollars and prevent flights for lack of being ready, and lack of payloads. The lack of payloads issue made deeper by SLS’ need to soak up funds. If we’re going to return to the Moon by the end of this administration, or early in the next the funds thrown at SLS need to be diverted to payloads (habitats, landers, scooters, etc) for Falcon and New Glenn to take to the Moon. That approach can fit in the current budget, as well as fly in the reduced funding environment you envision.

  • Larry J

    Very few people in DC who really believe in reducing spending, much less the deficit. They get their power by taxing and spending. It’s the entire culture there. Running on reducing the deficit is fodder for the rubes.

  • Jimmy S. Overly

    Oh you.

  • The PrimeS DirectiveS?

  • windbourne

    To be fair, O did not try to kill Ares* (constellation).
    Just as W killed the Shuttle,
    He DID kill Ares*.

    And just as W started COTs and kept it going,
    O started HSF and kept it going.
    And I think that at this moment, even if T were to kill it, Spacex and MAYBE, Boeing would finish it.

    Hopefully, T will push hard on getting new space going with private space stations esp. Bigelow.
    If Axiom is going to use Airbus for modules, I am hoping that ESA will join in and help fund that as well.