Video of SpaceLoft Solid Rocket Motor Static Test in New Mexico

Video Caption: UP Aerospace and Cesaroni Technology conducted a high performance SpaceLoft solid rocket motor Static test from the Space Propulsion Center, NM. 10-15-17. The new center will be used to develop and test propulsion systems for the orbital Spyder Launch Vehicle.

  • roflplatypus

    Geez, did everyone and their mother start a microsat launcher company? But UP Aerospace already has flown sounding rockets, so I’ll put them in the “will probably have an orbital launch attempt” category.

  • Look at that motor case, classic “black aluminum”.

  • Jacob Samorodin

    They have advantages already in place: experienced engineers & designers, respectable income flow; good & reliable reputation; and facilities available to design, build & test powerful rockets.

  • Jimmy S. Overly

    Cesaroni is a good partner. Anthony comments on the aRocket mailing list frequently, helping out hobbyists and student groups with their solid motor designs.

  • duheagle

    Thanks for the info. It would be nice to see a small entrepreneurial player in solids step up to the big leagues and challenge the legacy players for everything from tactical missiles to ICBM’s.

  • ThomasLMatula

    Work like this was the original mission for the Southwest Regional Spaceport, before it went chasing after the X-Prize Cup and VG.