India Suffers Launch Failure

PSLV-C37 booster (Credit: ISRO)

India suffered a launch failure today. Media reports indicate the payload shroud of a PSLV launch vehicle failed to separate as planned, leaving it and the payload inside in the wrong orbit.

The payload was the IRNSS 1H navigation satellite, which was the eighth spacecraft in the country’s Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System.

PSLV has flown 42 times with 39 successful flights, two failures and one partial failure. The first failure occurred on its maiden flight in September 1993. The partial failure occurred on its fourth flight in September 1997 when the booster launched a satellite into a lower-than-planned orbit.

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    Welp time to avoid /r/space again (I swear what is with reddit trolls and India?)

  • Sorry guys, it’s a bummer whenever you have a bad day in the rocket business. 🙁

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    Sorry, I don’t understand your comment? Probably cos I am an old codger?

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  • windbourne

    THis stuff will happen. What matters is how you recover.

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    Every time an india story comes across the space subreddit the trolls come out of the wood work its weird.

  • Pete Zaitcev

    Could it be related to the changes in the XL variant? This was its first flight.