Russian Company Plans to Launch…No, That Can’t be Right….

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Direct from the “uh…what?” files comes this rather interesting space project from the Russians.

The dead bodies of cryogenically frozen people and pets, DNA samples, and even organs, such as brains, might soon be sent to space. Russia’s first and only cryonics company, KrioRus, announced an agreement with Space Technologies, a new science and tech consortium.

“Satellites with cryo-capsules will be launched into orbit by Russian rockets,” said Yulia Arkhipova, general director of Space Technologies.

Cryogenics facilities exist only in the U.S. and Russia. Since 2005, KrioRus has frozen the bodies and brains of 54 people, eight dogs, nine cats, three birds, and even one pet chinchilla. According to the company, many frozen individuals once had the aspiration to go to space.

Arkhipova didn’t provide details on whether her company has partnerships with established Russian space organizations. Space Technologies was registered in 2016 and it doesn’t have its own rocket fleet or launch vehicles. The company hasn’t yet implemented a single space project but already announced ambitious plans, such as the creation of Russia’s first private cosmodrome and a new orbital station, MIR-2.

It will be interesting to see what, if anything, comes out of this venture.