Secret Cause of Sea Launch Failures Revealed!

Sea Launch always pinned their failures on one technical issue or another. This exclusive photo shows the real cause.

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  • Doug, you are an investigative journalist par excellence! 🙂

  • Paul451

    This is typical of the site’s longstanding bias against Kaijū.

  • Andrew Tubbiolo

    Doug, you might be onto a great line of bathtub toys!

  • Douglas Messier

    Sea Launch has much in common with Godzilla. Every time you think it’s down for the count, it rises again from the watery depths to wreak havoc on the world. Godzilla’s target is usually Tokyo. Sea Launch’s victims are satellite operators.

  • Charles Lurio

    So what creature has been behind the Proton failures of recent years? Smaug?

  • Mothra

  • joe tusgadaro

    We must flee!!

  • Jon Tarragona

    Its 2017 people, Wake up!

  • Paul451

    Off-topic: Is your lack of posting on Copenhagen Suborbital’s recent… difficulties… a deliberate decision? (To avoid muddying a weird issue?)

  • Douglas Messier

    Not sure what you mean. Are you talking about the private submarine that sunk? I looked into that, but the guy who built it left Copenhagen Suborbital a while back. Am I wrong about that?

  • Douglas Messier

    Definitely. It was Mothra.

  • Paul451

    My mistake, I recognised the name and thought he was still CEO. He apparently left years ago and founded another rocket start-up.

  • publiusr

    I thought it was Falcon that had a weakness for the (super-chilled) oxygen destroyer