• OldCodger

    Haven’t they got a camera or operator that can track upwards?

  • Raketenmann

    But then you’d know how short the burn was and that it went lower than most L3 Tripoli flights

  • savuporo

    Thats a video of takeoff, not of flight. Unless it only really flew 3-4 seconds

  • Saturn13

    A road intersection launch pad. I hope nothing hot flew off and started a fire in the woods. A vertical launch spaceport. No orbital launches since not near the ocean to drop stages. Going to be hard to recover in those thick trees. A short low gravity for the payload. Anyone having access to a large enough area could do this with hobby rockets. Not much micro gravity research. Schools could redo experiments for educational reasons. All the spaceports are vertical launch only. Maybe Jacksonville could do orbital. This might be the only flight from Camden. NASA only fired solids on the ground there.