Russia & China to Increase Space Cooperation

Tass reports that Russia and China plan to sign a cooperative agreement in the fall outlining increased cooperation across a range of space areas. Russia and China are also working to deepen cooperation with the BRICS nations, which include Brazil, India and South Africa.

As Glavkosmos explained, cooperation with Chinese partners envisages the following areas: the exploration of the Moon and outer space, space vehicles and ground infrastructure, hardware components and materials, the Earth’s remote sensing data.

Glavkosmos is also working with Chinese commercial partners on the issue of holding experiments aboard the International Space Station and providing the data of the Earth’s remote sensing from Russian satellites, the company said….

Specifically, Glavkosmos is holding preparations in Brazil for a tender for the delivery of space images to that country.

It was reported earlier that China was interested in buying the world’s most powerful Russian-made RD rocket engines produced by Energomash while Russian Space Systems showed interest in Chinese electronic components.

Russia and China are also working on making their GLONASS and BeiDou navigation satellite systems mutually complement each other and on installing adjusting ground-based stations on the territory of each other.

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  • OldCodger

    The USA really must climb out of its bunkered cold war attitude to co-operation in space, especially with China and India. Yes they have political issues with China and Russia, but so does Europe, and for that matter not everything is lovey dovey between Russia and China. Unless they are very carefull they are going to be left behind/isolated and that would be a shame for both the country and the world.

  • windbourne

    Actually, America DOES work with India. Per agreement with Russia, neither of us were able to help other nations with H2 engines. Other than that, America has helped India a great deal.
    As to CHina? ZERO CHANCE. Any help goes directly to their military.

    Personally, I think that we are screwing up WRT Russia and Space.
    We should include all ISS partners and go to the moon.

  • duheagle

    Agree about India and China. About Russia I see no advantage to the US in rewarding bad behavior.