Vector Space to Conduct Test Launch in Georgia

Flight test of P-19H engineering model of the Vector-R launch vehicle from Friends of Amateur Rocketry site in California. (Credit: Vector Space Systems)

Vector Space Systems is planning a test launch from the possible site of a future spaceport on the Georgia coast.

The Federal Aviation Administration has approved a permit for Vector Space Systems to conduct a low-altitude launch on Thursday of a full-scale prototype of the company’s Vector-R launch vehicle.

The rocket will be launched from the site of a proposed spaceport, the same location in Camden County where NASA tested solid-fuel rocket engines in the 1960s.

No target altitude has been announced, but Simpson said the rocket will travel at least several thousand feet high. The trajectory will take the rocket straight up and straight down, so there are no concerns about safety to surrounding areas.

Simpson said a five-hour launch window will be available from early morning to mid afternoon, but he couldn’t give a specific time for the launch. Cloud cover, air traffic and other factors will determine when the launch is held.

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