Updated Boeing Commercial Crew Schedule

Boeing CST-100 docking at ISS. (Credit: Boeing)
Boeing CST-100 docking at ISS. (Credit: Boeing)

Boeing would conduct the first orbital test of its CST-100 Starliner spacecraft in June 2018 in the latest Commercial Crew Program schedule unveiled by NASA this week.

The automated flight test to the International Space Station (ISS) would be followed by a crewed flight test to ISS in August 2018. If all goes well, CST-100 Starliner would be certified by NASA to carry crews to the orbiting outpost in October 2018.

Before it can begin flights, Boeing has a number of key tests. The most spectacular one will be an on-pad abort test scheduled for February 2018.

NASA officials said this week that Boeing’s schedule is aggressive, meaning that additional delays are possible in a schedule that repeatedly moved to the right.

The current schedule is below.

Boeing Remaining Commercial Crew Milestones
No.DescriptionOriginal Contracted Estimated Completion DateEstimated Completion Dates
1Service Module Hot Fire Launch Abort Test Complete. A complete launch abort engine firings to validate propulsion system performance in preparation for Pad Abort Test.September 2016September 2017
2ISS Design Certification Review (Delivery Milestone). A review to demonstrate that the Crew Transportation System and operations meet all applicable requirements; demonstrate schedule performance; and define top safety, technical, cost, and schedule risks.November 2016December 2017
3Crew Seat Incline Completed.December 2017
4Payload Control Unit Modification Install Readiness Review. A review to ensure all aspects of the modification are ready for installation, assembly, integration, and test. The software, equipment, and production planning needed to modify the vehicle will be reviewed to ensure the modification can move ahead without the risk of rework. December 2017
5Orbital Flight Test Flight Operations Review. A review to evaluate and baseline flight operations products to ensure the safe and accurate implementation of mission requirements.August 2016February 2018
6Pad Abort Test Complete. A review of quick look report on completion of Pad Abort Test.December 2016February 2018
7Crewed Flight Test Design Certification Review. A review of the final system qualification performance and associated analyses to support Verification Closure Notices closures that were exceptions at the ISS Design Certification Review and review all open actions.March 2017April 2018
8Orbital Flight Test Readiness Review. A review that demonstrates readiness to conduct an uncrewed Orbital Flight Test and defines a risk baseline for flight test activities.January 2017June 2018
9Orbital Flight Test. A flight test without a crew to the International Space Station.April 2017June 2018
10Crewed Flight Test Readiness Review. A review to demonstrate readiness to conduct a crewed flight test and define risk baseline for crewed flight test activities.April 2017August 2018
11Crewed Flight Test. A flight test with crew to the International Space Station.April 2017August 2018
12Operational Readiness Review. A review to demonstrate that the actual Crew Transportation System characteristics and procedures used in operations reflect the deployed state of the System. The review evaluates all project and support hardware, software, personnel, and procedures to ensure flight and associated ground system are in compliance with requirements.July 2017September 2018
13Certification Review. A review in which the contractor provides evidence that the Crew Transportation System has met all NASA requirements and provides documentation of the crew safety and mission assurance risks.August 2017October 2018

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