House Appropriations Committee Ignores Trump, Funds NASA at $19.9 Billion

Donald Trump (Credit: Michael Vadon)

The House Appropriations Committee has ignored President Donald Trump’s proposed cuts  in NASA’s budget and has instead approved a bill that would boost the space agency’s budget.

The spending measure would fund the agency at $19.9 billion in fiscal year (FY) 2018, which officials said was a $219 million increase over the enacted level for FY 2017.  Trump has proposed cutting NASA’s budget to just over $19 billion.

Appropriators provided a $226 million boost to the space agency’s exploration budget, which funds the Space Launch System (SLS) and Orion crew spacecraft. They also boosted the budget for NASA’s science programs by $94 million.

NASA’s Education Office, which Trump has proposed shutting down, would receive $90 million.

The measure prohibits NASA and the Office of Science and Technology Policy from engaging in bilateral activities with China unless authorized or certified via established procedures.

A breakdown of NASA’s budget based on committee documents follows. Not all of the individual programs were broken out.

NASA FY 2018 Budget
$19.9 billion

Exploration: $4.55 billion
$226 million above the fiscal year 2017 enacted level

  • Space Launch System: $2.150 billion
    • Exploration Upper Stage: $300 million
  • Orion: $1.35 billion
  • Exploration Ground Systems: $600 million
  • Exploration R&D: $450 million

NASA Science: $5.9 billion
$94 million above the fiscal year 2017 enacted level

  • Jupiter Europa orbiter and lander: $495 million
  • Jupiter Europa orbiter launch no later than 2022 using SLS
  • Jupiter Europa lander mission launched no later than 2024 using SLS

Space Operations: $4.68 billion
Includes International Space Station & Commercial Crew Program

Aeronautics: $660 million
Space Technology: $686.5 million
Education: $90 million

  • National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program: $40 million
  • Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research: $18 million

Safety, Security and Mission Services: $2.8 billion
Construction and Environmental Compliance and Restoration: $486.1 million
Office of Inspector General: $37.9 million


  • JamesG

    Onward to fiscal oblivion!!!!!!!!

  • windbourne

    How funny. A similar house worked hard to get nasa under O. Now, they add a billion.

  • passinglurker

    Let’s be honest we all know that “fiscal responsibility” was never ever going to actually happen. It’s just a boogyman people use to get elected before cutting revenue and rebalancing/raising spending.

  • JamesG

    Ordinarily I would say yes. But Trump is no ordinary politician. This was literally the last/best chance Congress had to throttle back on the out of control spending. They could even have blamed all the negative effects on Trump! And they have failed. Just like they are in the process of failing to fix Obamacare.

    The GOP was given a clear (as clear as you can get) mandate to claw back the Federal Government and they are pissing it away. When Congress gets slaughtered next year it won’t be Trump’s fault (even though both sides will blame him).

  • passinglurker

    huh trump the fall guy for recklessly cutting domestics, healthcare, social security, and military? I admittedly hadn’t thought of that as a possible angle I had basically thrown it all in the hypocrisy bin as soon as I saw that any change he was making wasn’t closing the deficit but actually just rearranging from dem priorities to gop priorities or even making the gap worse.

    But still the failure of the GOP to enact cuts is pretty easy to explain. Each and every one of thier senators and representatives are “shameless hypocrites”.

    Everywhere they are from is dependant on some form of government aid or funding to the point that you can’t get enough of them to agree on cutting any one thing without pissing off thier own peers. Couple this with the incentive to give kickbacks to corporate sponsors in the form of tax breaks or government contracts that permeates members of both parties and you have a recipe for literally the opposite of “fiscal responsibility”

    If you care about the budget and some how paying the debt then conservatives are literally the worst choice. Libertarians would make the needed cuts to the point of reckless endangerment of us all, Democrats would at least try to raise taxes somewhere to balance the books and account for paying for thier idealistic shit, but conservatives are literally useless unless you are a military contractor or live in *shudder* alabama.

  • therealdmt

    “This was literally the last/best chance Congress had to throttle back on the out of control spending”

    You seem to be missing the point that Congress has little interest in cutting back spending

  • JamesG

    That seemed so self obvious that it didn’t need to be mentioned.

  • JamesG

    Not “conservatives” that is an adjective, you mean Republicans, the noun. Easy mistake to make.

  • passinglurker

    fair point

  • HyperJ

    Maybe now you will understand what the GOP truly is about. Classical conservative ideas – certainly not!

  • JamesG


  • HyperJ

    Well it has been obvious to many for a long time… But you still seem surprised, so that’s why I used the ‘now’.

  • JamesG

    More disappointed than surprised.

  • ThomasLMatula

    It will be interesting to see what the Senate does.

  • windbourne

    You know, I am all in favor of cutting spending, as long as it goes to balancing the budget.
    The problem is, that the GOP is not interested in balancing the budget.
    As such, better to spend it here, then on giving massive tax cuts to a few ppl that will simply send it to China and/or Russia.

  • duheagle

    giving massive tax cuts to a few ppl that will simply send it to China and/or Russia.

    As I am unable to hear the voices in your head, perhaps you would do us the courtesy of transcribing what they have to say about this.

  • windbourne

    Most of the money in the rich ameruxans goes to China or Russia.