House Appropriations Committee Ignores Trump, Funds NASA at $19.9 Billion

Donald Trump (Credit: Michael Vadon)

The House Appropriations Committee has ignored President Donald Trump’s proposed cuts  in NASA’s budget and has instead approved a bill that would boost the space agency’s budget.

The spending measure would fund the agency at $19.9 billion in fiscal year (FY) 2018, which officials said was a $219 million increase over the enacted level for FY 2017.  Trump has proposed cutting NASA’s budget to just over $19 billion.

Appropriators provided a $226 million boost to the space agency’s exploration budget, which funds the Space Launch System (SLS) and Orion crew spacecraft. They also boosted the budget for NASA’s science programs by $94 million.

NASA’s Education Office, which Trump has proposed shutting down, would receive $90 million.

The measure prohibits NASA and the Office of Science and Technology Policy from engaging in bilateral activities with China unless authorized or certified via established procedures.

A breakdown of NASA’s budget based on committee documents follows. Not all of the individual programs were broken out.

NASA FY 2018 Budget
$19.9 billion

Exploration: $4.55 billion
$226 million above the fiscal year 2017 enacted level

  • Space Launch System: $2.150 billion
    • Exploration Upper Stage: $300 million
  • Orion: $1.35 billion
  • Exploration Ground Systems: $600 million
  • Exploration R&D: $450 million

NASA Science: $5.9 billion
$94 million above the fiscal year 2017 enacted level

  • Jupiter Europa orbiter and lander: $495 million
  • Jupiter Europa orbiter launch no later than 2022 using SLS
  • Jupiter Europa lander mission launched no later than 2024 using SLS

Space Operations: $4.68 billion
Includes International Space Station & Commercial Crew Program

Aeronautics: $660 million
Space Technology: $686.5 million
Education: $90 million

  • National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program: $40 million
  • Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research: $18 million

Safety, Security and Mission Services: $2.8 billion
Construction and Environmental Compliance and Restoration: $486.1 million
Office of Inspector General: $37.9 million