• Tom Billings

    OK, …Never heard of them before, which is good, because we need as many new entries as possible to move in-space manufacturing forwards.


    They are in the English MidLands. They claim funding from British MoD, from ESA, from the UK Space Agency, and something called Innovate UK. No mention of Private investors.

    This particular application is oriented towards military and security work, but looks adaptable. Lots of CGI but little/nothing on what and how they’re moving stuff around with. Starting with microsat sizes makes it possible we’ll see something soon. Competition for Archinaut and SpiderFab will keep them focused.

    Anyone else know about these guys?

  • Robert G. Oler

    I was curious…if they can do it the outlook is very promising…

  • Duncan Law-Green

    They’re a spinout from the nearby University of Leicester. There’s a site dedicated to their in-space manufacturing tech at https://inspacemanufacturing.com/

    Innovate UK is a DARPA-esque UK government agency supporting tech innovation through competitively-awarded grants. The grants typically require matching commercial funding. The agency is successful and generally well-regarded.