Zero 2 Infinity & Peli Products Sign Partnership Agreement

BARCELONA, Spain (Zero 2 Infinity PR) — Peli Products–the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance protective case solutions–and Zero 2 Infinity–the aerospace company based in Barcelona specialised in elevating all kind of payloads to Space–have reached a partnership agreement. Both companies support innovation, quality and new technologies to confront the everyday challenges of modern life. Thanks to this shared vision of the world, both companies will benefit of each other’s business strengths.

The partnership, which was signed in Barcelona last May, allows Zero 2 Infinity to use Peli’s extremely resistant products when launching payloads to Space. Zero 2 Infinity’s Engineering Team is extremely confident with Peli to ensure their sensitive equipment and components will be safe no matter the circumstances.

In exchange, Zero 2 Infinity will offer its Elevation services to Peli and will bring the new Peli Air Case 1485 model–the lightest Premium Protector Case–to the Edge of Space, thus helping Peli reach places their products have never been before.

Zero 2 Infinity, a private company headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, with subsidiaries around the world, is radically simplifying access to Space. It is the only company in Europe specialized in the elevation to the Edge of Space of components that require testing and certifying in Space conditions. At the moment, it is working on sending small satellites into orbit through its project Bloostar and has mid-term plans to send people to Near Space for science and leisure (project Bloon).

Peli Products has been protecting equipment for scientists, emergency services and travellers in the most extreme conditions on Earth for over 40 years. It has a wide range of cases that offer crush resistance, watertight protection and surpass all the military tests requirements. This outstanding DNA performance together with its lightness, make the Peli Air Case the perfect candidate to be elevated to the Edge of Space and descend back to the Earth. Peli cases are legendary for offering a Lifetime Guarantee: you break it, we replace it… forever™ (where applicable by law).