Masten Has New Lander Under Construction at NASA Marshall

  • Maybe this?

    Also, I believe that Masten has spoken with ULA about dropping the kerlox? modules on the Xeus and helping them with their integrated vehicle fluids approach (IVF). If on the ACES-DTAL then that would be larger than Xeus. I think that Masten discussed this on his last Space Show appearance…although I can’t seem to locate that now.

  • Andrew_M_Swallow

    For DAPRA Masten is working on XS-1. For NASA Masten Space has talked about XL-1, a lander that uses the new self-igniting bipropellant MXP-351. This may be uncloaking.

  • publiusr

    Nice to see them at Marshall.

  • windbourne

    i wonder when masten will send 1 to the moon?