Not Many Cosmonaut Applications So Far

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko marked their 300th consecutive day aboard the International Space Station on Jan. 21, 2016. The pair will land March 1 after spending a total of 340 days in space. (Credits: NASA)

Russia’s open call for prospective cosmonauts has produced only 200 applications since the process began on March 14, Tass reports.

Russia’s state corporation Roscosmos and the cosmonauts training center declared a contest for admission to the team of space explorers on March 14. Each applicant is expected to present a voluminous package of documents, including questionnaires, identification papers, a copy of the work record booklet, a certificate of good conduct confirming there is no history of a criminal record, a security clearance certificate allowing access to state secrets and a pile of medical certificates.

Given the volume of documents required, officials expect many of the applications will be filed during the last month of the call. The deadline for applications is July 14. Six to eight new cosmonauts will be selected.

Last year, NASA received more than 18,300 applications in its call for astronaut candidates. Canada received 3,772 applications for its selection process.


  • Kapitalist

    I don’t like how the ISS astronauts are pretending to stand up when their pictures are taken. Weird spaceness with guys floating around, I think, would give a much better PR impression.

  • Vladislaw

    keyboard and other equipment is oriented as if they stand.

  • Kapitalist

    I suppose they train that way in mock ups on Earth. And that installations are made accordingly. With longer stays in micro gravity the architecture might evolve. Those landlubbers on Earth don’t know how it is to live in space. The crews will decorate their own workplaces in the best practical way.