• Jeff2Space

    I’d say they had a successful launch based on that video. A successful flight? Hard to say with a video so short.

  • Raketenmann
  • Raketenmann
  • Jacob Samorodin

    The latest info I have is that they did strive for 1,500 meters+ peak altitude (less than a mile up).
    They appear to have achieved that altitude after an 8-15 second burn, possible achieving terminal velocity of over 300 mph….Hmmmm…I would have been more impressed if they had achieved burn-out at over 800mph at an altitude over 12,000 feet. That way they could have gathered the entire range of engineering data up to and just over supersonic speed….But to give them credit, they at least send some serious hardware flying skyward.

  • Congrats to Vector. Next stop, the Karman line!

    Bob Clark