Space Tango’s Takes First Step to Commercializing Microgravity Research

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL – SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket successfully launched Space Tango payloads on Commercial Resupply Services – 10 (CRS-10) on February 19th at approximately 9:39 AM EST. Payloads will be installed in the TangoLab Facility on the International Space Station (ISS). CRS-10 is Space Tango’s first commercial opportunity to begin use of the facility hardware for researchers and customers to utilize microgravity for application on Earth.

“Our focus is not necessarily the six people up there,” explained Space Tango CEO Twyman Clements, “but the 7 billion people down here.”

Clements and his start-up company are working towards commercializing access to microgravity in order to expand the field of exomedicine and other research. The TangoLab facility allows Space Tango clients and partners to build high-performance and reliable experiments that can be designed and tested in microgravity.

“Space Tango is a leader of a rapidly growing entrepreneurial space industry in Kentucky,” shared Kris Kimel, Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation president and Space Tango chairman. The state of Kentucky continues to be a huge supporter in all of Space Tango’s endeavors.

Additional content regarding Space Tango and our ​ ​customers’ payloads can be found here.


Space Tango designs and builds integrated systems that facilitates microgravity research and manufacturing focused for application on Earth. Their service allows users to focus on their research while Space Tango manages the complexities of traveling to and operating in microgravity. Space Tango’s first product is the TangoLab-1, a fully automated system allowing multiple experiments to run simultaneously and independently. TangoLab-1 was installed on the International Space Station in mid-2016. Space Tango’s vision only starts with TangoLab-1; Space Tango is developing an entire pipeline of products to increase the variety, volume and ease of using microgravity.