Britain Spaceport Legislation Stalled By Brexit

Political wrangling over Brexit — Britain’s decision to leave the European Union — has caused a delay in planned commercial spaceport legislation announced by Queen Elizabeth in her speech to Parliament last May.

The government said there was currently no timetable for the introduction of the bill….

Legislation concerning space is reserved to Westminster.

The UK’s government’s Department for Transport (DfT) is responsible for the Modern Transport Bill, which would set regulations for driverless cars as well as allowing UK aerodromes to access space.

It told BBC Scotland that it had been working hard on the bill but parliamentary time had been limited by events such as Brexit and the discussions over triggering Article 50.

A spokeswoman for the DfT said: “The final date for the introduction of the Modern Transport Bill will be announced in due course.

“We are creating the legislative and regulatory framework to allow the development of spaceports in the UK. It will be for the market to decide where the first spaceport will be established.”

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  • Kapitalist

    Quite far fetched to blame the inability to put balloons in the air on Brexit. My puppy dog blamed Brexit for having peed on the floor. Nothing will be put in orbit from the British Islands anyway, so nothing’s lost.

  • OldCodger

    if you read the article the problem is the shortage of time to schedule the debate in Parliament due to the other prior calls on that time e.g. Brexit and its legislative needs, so yes it was Brexit. May be in your country you can send things up in to the air without any control but the airspace over Britain is enormously crowded, and until the regulations are in place not even a balloon is going up!
    The rest of your comment is not even worth giving cognisance to.

  • mlc449

    There are literally thousands of laws the Brits have to rewrite in order to successfully withdraw from the EU. It isn’t a simple matter of informing Brussels they want to leave and then that’s that. Brexit will be taking up the vast majority of time and effort of UK parliamentarians for the next few years resulting in many non-Brexit related issues being sidelined until the situation is resolved.

    It’s not really surprising that the pro-Brexit lot have literally no comprehension or understanding of what withdrawal from the world’s largest economy and trading zone actually entails. But then with the Alt-Right reasoned political thought is thrown out the window in favour of populist trash. What a world we now live in.

  • Kapitalist

    Simply abolish the useless nonsense EU-regulations and fire their parasitic administrators, to instead focus on solving the problem. Only the stupidest naivists can believe in the super powers of their Stalin God EU political elite. What has that trash ever accomplished? They staple crises on top of each other without ever solving any one of them. UK is the most intelligent thing between the Atlantic and river Wisła. They do well to separate from the self-hating failing idiots. That they still have too much red tape to be able to launch a balloon from their entertainment park, is another and local problem.

  • JamesG

    Or perhaps the problem is that people are so conditioned that they can’t do anything unless government tells them how to… That does not sound like a recipe for innovation to me.

  • Aegis Maelstrom

    Well, you obviously have no clue how the law works, how the state works and how the real world works.

    Utopian libertarianism is even more pathetic than utopian socialism but keep on going. 🙂

    BTW, what’s that superintelligent thing east from Wisła? Kalliningrad or Belarus?

  • Kapitalist

    Oh, just that mutually voluntary cooperation creates AL the wealth and knowledge in the world, while your beloved failing idiot politicians only can destroy with their violence and their total ineptness of ever being able to achieve anything. Can you give any single example of a good decision that Western politicians have made this millennia? East of Wisła there lives an intelligent man that achieves his goals. All politicians in Western Europe are way too stupid to do anything but repeating that this is bad. No one has even suggested taking any kind of measure to counter Putin, nor to ever trying to solve any of the many crises that the EU is collecting. All European ministers together don’t have half the intelligence or capability of a door nail. It is very dangerous to live in a society ruled by very stupid politicians.

  • mlc449

    Yeah, sure simple. As easy as that…….you wish.