Alaska Aerospace Corporation Seeks Out of State Spaceport

Alaska Aerospace Corp. is looking to establish an equatorial launch complex outside of the state to supplement the one it operates in Kodiak, according to CEO Craig Campbell.

The state-owned corporation’s board of directors recently authorized spending of up to $250,000 for surveys, property appraisal, site design and other preliminary efforts for the launch site, the Kodiak Daily Mirror reported Tuesday. Campbell estimated $30,000 to $35,000 of the funds has already been spent.

“We’re headquartered in Alaska, we employ Alaskans. We’re trying to get more business for Kodiak, so if we can offer the full range of equatorial and polar, that gets more customers to come to us for polar operations out of Alaska,” Campbell said. “That gives us a greater opportunity to have more business at the PSCA, which is the goal and objective of why we’re doing this.”

The company has been eyeing several sites for the facility, including in Hawaii and Saipan.

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