A Video Explanation of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Firexplanomaly

Video Caption: On September 1st a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exploded on the launch pad during a fueling test, the reasons for this have been open so some wild speculation but in the end it’s nothing to do with UFOs – It’s all to do with COPV’s, LOX & SOX.

  • savuporo

    Another SpaceXplosions company post

  • Saturn13

    SpaceX says buckles in the liner of the helium tank caused the explosion. Was the first time they saw these buckles was on the remains of the explosion? They surely used a scope to check the inside of the tanks to see if it buckled after they started using super chill. The liner might be too thin. This buckling should reduce strength through stretching. Does the buckling get worse with each load, reducing structural integrity? Does loading warmer stop the buckling or will they let the liner buckle and they say the tank will not fail with these alone, and trapped LOX in these buckles will not cause an explosion? Using the method they used that had 700 safe loads sounds like a fix though.

  • Snofru Chufu

    These scottish man, Scott Manley, makes funny and sophisticated Kerbal “simulations”. Is there any who also use the Kerbal space games for serrious tasks?

  • I heard they are switching to SRBs and will never have this problem again.

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