World View Headquarters Completed in Tucson

Crewed high altitude capsule. (Credit: World View)
Crewed high altitude capsule. (Credit: World View)

An update on near-space balloon company World View Enterprises from the Arizona Daily Star:

Pima County and World View Enterprises on Thursday marked the completion of Spaceport Tucson and the headquarters and manufacturing plant the company will lease from the county.

The county entered into an economic development agreement with World View in January to keep the company in Tucson.

World View plans to use its space to manufacture its new, high-altitude balloon flight vehicles, known as Stratollites, and offer unmanned flights to the stratosphere for commercial and research purposes.

The balloon vehicles can loiter over an area as a low-cost alternative to geostationary satellites for applications including communications, remote sensing, weather, and research.

Eventually, the company hopes to offer people the chance to ride to the edge of space for a fee.


  • delphinus100

    But have they completed any hardware…?

  • Alan Stern

    We’ve flown many dozen of fights with our own hardware!

  • delphinus100

    Cool. Very good, then. Good luck.

  • MzUnGu

    “Alternative to geostationary satellites” ?? Fancy dreams. With winds at 10-15m/s and more… Good luck with station keeping with them thin air while dragging a big giant trash bag in the wind up that altitude….