• Geoff T

    Keep your hands off him 2016…

  • I wonder who ends up paying for that flight if it’s a one off evacuation.

  • Jacob Samorodin

    He’s still young! Only 86. Why in the year 2916, the average lifespan of humans will be over 800 years. In that year we will still be mourning and reading about the loss of 20 million Mars colonists who perished in a planet-wide catastrophe in 2265; and finally, when we complain about or dread the approaching weather systems here on Earth, technology will step in for worldwide weather control.
    And in 2916, Uber will go out of business due to people using the new quantum-shifting transports.

  • MachineAgeChronicle

    This is NOT how 2016 ends!

  • MachineAgeChronicle

    AFAIK there is an insurance sighed for emergencies like this.

  • So Buzz’s insurance covers this? You understand if this is a one off medical rescue evacuation using a large aircraft to and from Antarctica that this is not going to me some minor insurance claim, right?

  • se jones

    86 year old Apollo astronaut falls ill: more undeniable proof that galactic cosmic radiation and/or microgravity are deadly obstacles to human space travel, therefore we *must* spend 100s of $billions on artificial gravity and lunar ice radiation shielding before going to Mars.

    -sarcasm off-
    Feel better soon Buzz!

  • Bennett In Vermont

    It sounds like you aren’t getting any and the future is bleak. Sucks to be you. We waste billions on Orion (SLS) and you begrudge Buzz a plane flight?

  • You do maybe, but I don’t. I was just wondering if it was a one off and who would end up paying for it. It looked kind of like a Russian plane. I know how commercial assistance works but I am curious how it works with big planes and Antarctica. In the Bahamas we just go out and get them because we have to, but it’s a lot easier, and someone eventually gets stiffed. Usually me.

  • Richard Malcolm

    Get well quickly, Buzz.

  • ThomasLMatula

    The tour firm is required to have insurance for an event like this. The C-130 only flew him from the South Pole to McMurdo where a charter aircraft took over. So it was the insurance firm that paid off.

  • ThomasLMatula

    Thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery

  • John Halpenny

    Another astronaut getting a ride from the Russians.

  • I finally got around to reading some of the articles, and one said ‘the next available flight’;. I was just curious how these kinds of things operated out there, I know it was a big deal to get a sick scientist out out of there in the middle of winter a while back.

    I think this must be the summer Antarctic tourist season out there so probably there are a few more options this time of year.

  • Stu

    Because an 8 day lunar mission is absolutely comparable to a trip to Mars.

  • se jones

    Oh I know. But that doesn’t keep certain um researchers from extrapolating dire cardiovascular risks from a sample size of 12.

  • MachineAgeChronicle

    It’s a special insurgence for people going to the Antarctica.