Conservative Group Targets Elon Musk

A conservative political action committee (PAC) headed by Laura Ingraham has specifically targeted Elon Musk and his three companies with a website titled Stop Elon From Failing Again.

Billed as “The One Stop Database on Stopping Elon Musk,” the website is a compilation of critical news stories about Musk, SpaceX, SolarCity and Telsa Motors. A major criticism is that the companies have received billions in government subsidies and tax credits.


The web site is one of several projects of Citizens for the Republic, a group headed up by conservative activist and radio talk show host Laura Ingraham.  Donald Trump has Ingraham on the short list of candidates for presidential press secretary.


  • What kind of person thinks they speak for the entire world again? I’m not sure Lawrence Britt’s essay even covers that.

  • camping

    The good ol boys are responsible for the entire us space program for the past 50 years. And still are. Great group of guys, too.

  • camping

    Hey, what the .gov wants to waste our money on has nothing to do with those guys….they just do what they do. Besides, most of them are moving to the rest of our companies since the STS layoff.

  • They do what they are told to do, like the subservient American fuckwads working on the government teat that they really are.

  • camping

    I didn’t realize I was conversing with a high-schooler. Well once you get in the actual launch industry, you will have more respect for the ex-nasa guys. You can’t build a launch company without them.

  • Which is precisely what Elon Musk did. Now I predict you will claim competitively awarded space act agreements and contracts were a NASA subsidy. Not only that, it was done twice.

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    I know, personally, multiple guys that were at SX since a long, long time ago, that worked at NASA before their years at SX.

    Nobody answered my original question, I noticed.

  • Why should they? You’re unfamiliarity with the industry is obvious.

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    And Im talking about good ol boys in general. Every space company is filled with em, old and new space. Hell look at north alabama, boeing, n. Grumman, lockheed, ULA, MSFC, smack dab in the heart of dixie. No use in hating conservatives when they are so prominent in the space industry.

    But most of the ultra liberal on here are hobbyists.

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    And even the californian aerospace guys I know, and thats several, are conservative. Might as well all get along.

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    Haha, Im reading as Im leaving a launch site after a day of work. Try again.

    And “sucking on a government teat” coming from a dem is precious. Your party owns the hand-out demographic. Literally.

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  • camping

    Anyways, take care fellas. Good convo.

  • I’m sure you guys can make that Aries I work sooner or later.

    Yes, I misspelled that on purpose.

  • I had a bunch of stuff like that when I disassembled a Cessna Golden Eagle. They came in handy repairing the tractor. The aluminum nuts corrode quickly, so you wanna watch for that.

    I also hear you pad grunts get paid a lot of money to fool around with metal and junk out there. I’m sure your boneyard is the envy of the world. Too bad the price of scrap steel is so low right now And it’s way too bad you guys get paid for designing rockets too.

  • camping

    Im just now getting interested in aviation, aerospace has gotten me interested (since there are so many pilots). Start flying soon, hopefully. My focus right now is avionics, though.

    Take care.

    PS: I dont work at a pad, I work with engines, but I had to do some troubleshooting at a pad this afternoon. I like it, though, I wouldnt mind working at a pad instead. Though that would leave me with no office and less time on a computer to argue with people on parabolic arc 🙂

    And I actually have had those fittings sitting on my dresser, keep forgetting to take them back to drop off haha.

  • Ok, well good luck. I don’t know what you guys are going to do about your giant rocket and tiny capsule out there, it’s way too late to redesign it, not even with Falcon 9 LRBs. There should be plenty of other grunt work to do out there, though.

  • publiusr

    It’s always those blasted upper stages. Elon just has his own Briz-M at the it were.

  • Kapitalist

    Something is problematic with upper stages. Planetary Society lists 15 Russian launch failures since 2011. 14 of them are about upper stages. Briz-M accounts for half at 7. Soyuz integrated upper stage 3. (Soyuz with) Fregat 2. Volga 1. Zenit 1. Only one was a Proton first stage failure. What’s up with this?