New NASA Administrator Names: Bridenstine, Griffin, Collins & Albrecht

Rep. Jim Bridenstine
Rep. Jim Bridenstine

Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) is a leading candidate  to replace Charlie Bolden as the new NASA Administrator when President Barack Obama’s term ends in January.

“He’s made it clear to the campaign that if asked to serve as NASA Administrator or Air Force secretary, he would be willing,” the official said. The person added that there would likely be “a clearer path to NASA” than the Air Force.

Other names that have been circulated include: former NASA Administrator Mike Griffin, who served under President George W. Bush; former astronaut Collins, who spoke during the Republican National Convention in support of Trump; and space veteran Mark Albrecht, who served as executive secretary of the National Space Council under President George H.W. Bush.

Bridenstine has introduced the American Space Renaissance Act, a wide-ranging measure that would implement a number of reforms in the nation’s civil, commercial and military space programs. Elements of the act are being passed piecemeal as part of other measures.

One of the act’s major reforms would be to restructure oversight of NASA. Instead the presidential administration and Office and Management and Budget having authority, an independent board dominated by members appointed by Congress would oversee the space agency. The President would appoint NASA administrators for five year terms based on a list of candidates submitted to him.

Bridenstine also has successfully pushed for the use of commercial data in weather forecasting. A climate change skeptic, he has attacked the Obama Administration for spending so much money on research into this area.

Representatives for Donald Trump say climate research needs to be scaled down and transferred from NASA to NOAA.

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  • therealdmt

    Well, re-reading this story, he (Bridenstine) certainly has put a lot of thought into it and included some good things in his bill:

  • Saturn13

    Anyone will be fine with me. Heard anything about appointing anyone from the other Party, Dem., as Obama selected a Rep.? If a Rep. I would Griffen. He knows what is going on with tech and science. He also came up with Ares-1. He must like my favorite SRM tech. So I vote for him.

  • Jeff2Space

    Please not Griffin again! He’s the father of Ares I, Ares V, and CEV which eventually morphed into SLS/Orion. Those programs have done more damage to NASA, by sucking up billions of dollars each year with little to show for it, than any other major manned space program in recent memory. SLS/Orion is obsolete technology before it even flies. An all expendable manned space transportation system is quite simply not economically viable.

  • savuporo

    Seconded. If at all possible, it would be awesome if no astronaut or engineer was ever appointed to this seat ever again. Although Goldin did okay.

  • publiusr

    Are you kidding? Goldin was the worst. All we got were endless Delta II souning rocket missions with bomb-disposal robot toys–and the X-33 Venture-Star. SLI was the waste of money–not SLS.

    He at least should have went with the Rockwell X-33–but noo.o.

    Oh I want Griffin myself–as a supporter of SLS. Now, I’m thinking he won’t revisit Ares I, now that Falcon is about to fly.

  • Doug Weathers

    I think ex-astronaut Charlie Bolden has done about as well as could be expected in the current budget and regulatory environment. Commercial Crew happened on his watch, for example.