Planet Receives $20 Million Data Contract From NGIA

Planet Labs spacecraft launched from ISS. (Credit: Planet Labs)
Planet Labs spacecraft launched from ISS. (Credit: Planet Labs)

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency has entered into a $20 million data purchase agreement with Planet to buy imagery from its constellation of small remote sensing satellites, the White House announced this week.

The contract is part of more than $50 million in new Federal investments into small satellites, the White House said in a fact sheet.

“As part of this initiative, NASA will invest $30 million to support public-private partnership opportunities that allow for Earth Science observations to be provided by constellations of commercial small spacecraft,” the fact sheet stated.

The spending is part of an effort to tap into a “revolution” in small satellites brought about by advances in electronics and information technologies.

“In the coming weeks, Federal agencies will announce investments and new steps they will take to advance the state of the art in small-satellite technology and increase the adoption of ‘smallsats’ for commercial, scientific, and national security needs,” the fact sheet stated.

“Advancing smallsat technology and adoption could, for example, allow companies to provide ubiquitous high-speed Internet connectivity and offer continuously updated imagery of the Earth,” it added.