Conspiracies Abound on Falcon 9 Fireplosion

Falcon 9 explodes on the launch pad. (Credit:
Falcon 9 explodes on the launch pad. (Credit:

By now, you’ve probably heard the conspiracy theories about the fire and explosion (fireplosion?) that destroyed a Falcon 9 rocket and destroyed the Amos-6 spacecraft.

Was the rocket taken out by a drone? An alien UFO? An U.S. government determined to keep Spacecom out of the hands of a Chinese conglomerate? A bird pooping on the equipment? Or all of the above?

While the investigation continues and the speculation rages over the cause, there’s been one possibility that has been ignored completely….

Here’s the rocket being fueled….


Looks pretty normal, huh? But, take a look at this zoomed in closeup of the fueling process….

Credit: Paramount Pictures

And a short time later…


I think this pretty much wraps up the investigation, don’t you think?





  • Charles Lurio

    If Gary Seven is still hanging around trying to get his ST spinoff show, will someone tell him to go home?

    I would like to meet his ‘cat’ before he leaves, however… 🙂

  • JamesG

    IIRC he actually fixed the rocket and prevented the “fireplosion” from happening.

    At this point, the Chinese are likely to get Spacecom for a discount.

  • Roncie Weatherington

    Poor cat. Hair ball, er fire ball.
    As a camera operator, that fast, fuzzy speck some are attributing to a drone that darts across the frames looks more like a bug close to the camera. Close to the camera being out of focus. Also, being close to the camera, does not have to fly fast to look fast.
    The Cape has LOTS of bugs. Pure coincidence on the timing.

  • Douglas Messier

    Nah. Gary Seven & cat are fine. Fuzzy speck was mobile transporter device. Beamed both of them back to the office moments before the fire started.

  • JamesG

    But thats not nearly as much fun or generates as much click bait.

  • Emmet Ford

    Miss Lincoln hardly noticed that were gone.

  • Andrew Tubbiolo

    Dood! I looked at the headline and thought … Gary 7, and ISIS the pussy … cat ! NICE!

  • therealdmt

    I think it was that damned Philae lander. Just where was it when it was “missing”? And now suddenly it shows up! Hmmm.

  • joe tusgadaro

    Yes I’ve always been dubious of his innocent little boy explorer all makes perfect sense now!.

  • mlc449

    It was clearly Mossad trying to thwart the sale of a prized Israeli aerospace company to the Chinese.

  • mlc449

    It was a NASA developed supersonic pigeon that shot a laser from its beak.

    Wake up sheeple! etcetera, etcetera…….

  • Spacetech

    I’m standing by the “Bird pooping on equipment” myself.

  • Farrell McGovern

    I don’t want to say that it was aliens…but IT WAS ALIENS!

  • John_The_Duke_Wayne

    At one point the wasps that always fly in front of the launch cameras had a Facebook page 🙂 not sure if they still do

  • Malatrope

    That’s hilarious!

    I noticed the “drone” flying by right away, but I quit worrying about it when it flapped its wings…

  • Terry Stetler


  • publiusr

    No–that isn’t Gary Seven. It’s ULA’s fixer, Ray Donovan. He’s in trouble with the Russians–and they’ll leave him alone if he can splash the Falcon so as to sell more RD-180s

  • Kirk

    The first reference to Gary Seven wrt to this anomaly I’ve found so far was on 9/4 over at NSF:
    I don’t know if Doug was inspired from that or came up with the idea independently.