Elon Musk: Falcon 9 Explosion Originated Near Oxygen Tank During Fueling

  • Enrique Moreno

    Dieseling of a presurized oxigen vessel. Probably a vent valve had the flamable debris in the oxigen line.

  • Jacob Samorodin

    I will speculate too. The photo sequence of the explosion do indicate that it was near or in the oxygen tank of the second-stage; and also indicate that it was a rapid high-energy event. I believe that the Primacord installed in the second-stage for a Range Safety Officer to remotely detonate the Primacord (if needed) to destroy a dangerously off-course booster is the prime reason behind the catastrophic ground failure. Something must have set off the Primacord. Static electricity? Shock? Friction? A stray wireless signal of coincidental frequency to that of the detonator?