Ah-ha! This Could Mean Something’s About to Happen

Well…this is most interesting.

CNBC reporter at Spaceport America on Monday morning where not much is actually happening. However, Virgin Galactic is Spaceport America’s anchor tenant.

CNBC is a big fan of Richard Branson and his space company. Parent company NBC Universal  has an agreement to promote Virgin Galactic and Branson’s eventual trip into space across all its news organizations and platforms. (I think this is what they call in corporate speak synergy.)

Virgin Galactic has said it would start flying SpaceShipTwo this month with at least a captive carry. August has about three days and six hours left in it. And this is the very moment CNBC launches something called Mission: Space that appears focused, at least in part, around Branson’s 12-year effort to launch tourists into space.

Must. Mean. Something.

UPDATE: Here’s the first report. Better than I had expected, but then reporter send it back to anchor who asks inane question.