Smallsat 2016: Spaceflight Looks Forward to SHERPA Launch

spaceflight_logoSpaceflight CEO Jason Andrews gave at talk this week at the Small Satellite Conference in Utah. Below is a summary of his address derived from Tweets by Jeff Foust (‏@jeff_foust) and David Hurst ‏(@OrbitalDave).

Jason Andrews, CEO

  • Spaceflight scheduled to launch its SHERPA spacecraft carrier aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 from Vandenberg Air Force Base in late October
  • SHERPA is secondary payload to Formosat-5 spacecraft
  • SHERPA will deploy 89 satellites ranging from 2U CubeSats to 150-kg spacecraft
  • Launch will set a new world record for the number of spacecraft on a single launch vehicle
  • At Spaceflights’s request, Falcon 9 will drop perigee before deploying SHERPA to ensure spacecraft will de-orbit within 25 years
  • Spacecraft will be placed in sun-synchronous orbit
  • There’s a lot of demand for SSO launches
  • Lately there has been increasing demand for launching spacecraft to mid-inclination orbits
  • Spaceflight has flown 93 satellites on various launch vehicles to date
  • Company has 150 satellite launches on order that will fly on five launch vehicles
  • Spaceflight wants to make buying a space launch as easy as purchasing an airline ticket