Parabolic Arcers Keen to Live on Mars

Musk_Mars_Colony_PollThe results are in on our poll about Elon Musk’s Mars plans. And it seems the majority of Parabolic Arc readers would consider living in the SpaceX founder’s martian colony.

Thirty-three percent of voters want to be in the first wave of settlers on the Red Planet. An additional 40 percent of voters said they might go later once the colony was up and running.

Other readers were less enthused. Twenty-two percent said they really like the big blue marble that is Earth and had no desire to live on a frozen planet.

Another 6 percent of voters already understand what it is like to live and work in a desert and had no desire to live in a Martian one. This group is composed of present and past residents and workers of Mojave, Calif.

A big thank you to everyone who voted in the poll. Please take a moment and vote in our latest poll about former shuttle commander Eileen Collins’ decision to speak at this week’s Republican National Convention.

As I always say. Vote early. Vote often. Just vote, dammit! Vote! And no wagering.


  • JamesG

    Of course its one thing to click a hypothetical button. Quite another to do the long hard work and training to make it thru astronaut selection for government or private, and then really leave everything behind and take all the risks…

  • Paul451

    Not voting on the new one. Depending on how I interpret the question, I’d need to vote completely the opposite way. Do I think former astronauts shouldn’t be partisan? No, I support their right to have their say. Do I agree with her specific choice for endorsement? Hell no. Do I agree with any other political statement she’s made about the space program? Also hell no.

  • redneck

    You nailed it. Most people have never experienced the maximum sustained personal effort that would be required for colonization.