Another Day, Another Ban

I just got banned from the NasaSpaceflight forums with this little message from little Andy.

“Sorry parabolicarc, you are banned from using this forum! Please use your own site to post what your “sources” are telling you. Too many people are sick of you using this site to spread rumors. Andy.

This ban is not set to expire.”

My sources have been a helluva lot more accurate than some of their reporting. They had told me for months that NASA’s investigation had found it was probably more than a defective strut that brought down the Falcon 9 last year. The NASA Inspector General’s audit confirmed what they had been telling me since last year.

For this, I am banned.

The things I remember causing problems over the years — entire threads being removed — largely involved SpaceShipTwo. That’s the story I got right. In spades. My information was extremely accurate. My sources reliable.

After Scaled Composites blew up an engine in 2013 and wrecked their test stand and their nitrous oxide tank conducting a test the engineers were twice told not to do, Scaled Composites called up the publisher and got an entire thread removed.

Another thread of accurate information about SpaceShipTwo’s flight test program was also removed.

For these things, I am banned.

The editor over there and I had actually talked about the sites teaming up to look into what was happening with SpaceShipTwo prior to the crash. It seemed promising at first, but he later decided not to because he didn’t have the capability to do so. He was right.

SpaceX. Scaled Composites. Virgin Galactic. There’s a pattern. Big companies. High priced lawyers. And fanboys who, when any negative information is published about their heroes, run around with their fingers in their ears shouting, “La la la la, I can’t hear you.”

Ultimately, it’s their site. They have to decide what’s appropriate in their forums. I’ve had to do the same thing. I can’t really be angry about this. But their decisions speak volumes.

It’s a bit sad. I’ve largely enjoyed the discussions over there. On the plus side, it leaves more time for posts and discussions here on Parabolic Arc. So, there’s a silver lining in the bilious cloud.

Andy Whatever Your Last Name is, you’re my hero. You did me a favor. I couldn’t have asked for a better ban message than that. Like the Leavers in England, I consider this to be my Independence Day!

So, by all means, visit the site, hear what my sources are telling me, and judge their accuracy for yourself.