ThumbSat to Set Up Operations in Tijuana

thumbsat_logoTIJUANA, Mexico (Tijuana EDC PR) – Wade VanLandingham, President of ThumbSat Inc., made the official announcement that the company has started production in the research park complex of the Technology University of Tijuana. They partnered with MXSpace, Simple Complexity, and local and federal government agencies in Mexico to bring a modern electronics manufacturing and testing facility to one of Mexico’s most exciting cities, Tijuana.

Commissioning and start-up of the factory was completed at the end of March 2016, now the facility is fully operational and capable of producing circuit boards for satellites, electronic subsystems, such as radio transmission boards, customer specific payloads, including the new ThumbNet dongles, which will be one of the most advanced Software Defined Radio (SDR) receivers available anywhere in the world.

The facility includes a clean room housing all of the equipment required to manufacture and assemble ThumbNet tracking stations and ThumbSat satellites as well as perform all of the required testing to ensure the satellites are ready for launch into space.

Testing capabilities of the laboratory eventually will include hot and cold thermal cycling, 3 axis random and sine wave vibration, vacuum, and complete electrical and operational verification. The facility can also be used to support other researchers or students at the UTT complex.

The facility is staffed by highly motivated and experienced employees who live, work and contribute to the benefit of the Tijuana area. By employing technicians from the local areas such as Tijuana or Rosarito, ThumbSat has already helped create jobs for the local communities and continues to ensure that the skilled graduates from Mexico’s world class educational system are able to use their talents to the fullest.

Additionally, the company partnered with local suppliers in Baja, California for materials and supports vendors, such as industrial machine work or printed circuit board manufacturing. This commitment to partnering with support companies in Mexico has the advantage of allowing for extremely fast procurement and processing, while expanding the benefits to the local areas, beyond their direct staff.

In April of 2016, the satellite company achieved the milestone of successfully creating the first circuit boards, by producing a first run of completely populated boards of the radio transmission subsystem for the ThumbSat satellites. This is an entirely new radio circuit that has increased stability, efficiency and better transmission characteristics than the commercial circuit that was previously used on ThumbSat. Radio boards are currently in Europe, in the hands of ThumbSat’s RF engineering team for extensive testing, but initial testing shows the quality and reliability of the manufactured boards are as high as expected.

Once verification is complete, the first of the quality model and flight model ThumbSat satellite boards will be produced at Tijuana´s facility in June. Eventually production levels will be several hundred satellites and radio transmission boards, as well as several thousand SDR receivers, per year.

“ThumbSat is very proud to work with all of our international members and partners and to continue to build a global community for the benefit of everyone. We truly are: Unlocking Space For Everyone!” said Wade.

About ThumbSat: If you’ve ever dreamed of putting an experiment into space, ThumbSat is your one-stop-shop. We will provide the launch, basic satellite and all of the hard parts like the paperwork. All you have to provide is the experiment. For more information visit ThumbSat on the web at — ThumbSat was also featured in the October issue of Wired Magazine .

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