House Appropriations Committee Increases NASA’s Budget

NASA LOGOThe House Appropriations Committee has released a spending bill that would give NASA a budget of $19.5 billion for fiscal year 2017, which is $500 million above President Barack Obama’s request. The measure boosts spending for exploration and science programs. Details from the measure are below:

Exploration: $4.183 billion

  • Orion: $1.35 billion
  • Space Launch System: $2 billion
  • Exploration Upper Stage: $250 million of SLS funding
  • Exploration Ground Systems: $429 million
  • Exploration R&D: $404 million

Science: $5.597 billion

  • James Webb Space Telescope: $8 billion cost cap
  • Jupiter Europa orbiter and lander: $260 million
  • Use of the Space Launch System as the launch vehicle or vehicles for the Jupiter Europa mission plan
  • launch of the Jupiter Eruopa orbiter launch no later than 2022 and a lander launch no later than 2024.

Space Operations: $4.89 billion
Space Technology:
$739.2 million
$712 million
Education: $115 million
Safety, Security & Mission Services: $2.835 billion
Construction & Environmental Compliance and Restoration: $398 million
Office of Inspector General: $38.1 million