New UK Space Industry Expert Group to Focus on Low Cost Access to Space

UK_flagLONDON (UK Space Leadership Council PR) — Working under the auspices of the UK Space Leadership Council (SLC), a new Space Industry Advisory Group has been established to provide expertise on the requirements for a UK spaceport and associated small satellite launch operations.

Chaired by Stuart Martin, Chief Executive of the Satellite Applications Catapult, the Group comprises leading industrialists from the launch service community, the user domain of satellite manufacturing and operations, and from businesses focusing on delivery of downstream satellite services.

Reliable, accessible and low-cost access to space was identified as one of the essential enablers for long-term sustainable growth of the UK space sector in the 2010 Innovation and Growth Strategy (IGS). The Group will provide expert advice to the SLC on the infrastructure, technology and business of spaceports and launchers, and support stakeholders across government as they develop and implement the necessary policy and regulation.

Chairman, Stuart Martin, said: “The challenge of securing reliable, low-cost access to space creates a real opportunity for a complete end-to-end service from the UK. Establishing an operational spaceport will position the UK to take advantage of emerging demand for small satellite launches and scientific microgravity research, and to respond to future demand for space tourism and commercial space flight.”