Generation Orbit Signs Space Act Agreement With NASA Langley

generation_orbit_logoATLANTA, April 12, 2016 (GO PR) – Generation Orbit Launch Services, Inc. (GO) is pleased to announce the signing of a Space Act Agreement with NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) to collaboratively pursue the design, manufacture and test of a novel composite cryogenic tank as an evolutionary path for its GOLauncher family of air launch rocket vehicles.

Utilizing LaRC’s Integrated Structural Assembly of Composites (ISAAC) automated manufacturing capability, the two year program will quantify the performance, cost, and schedule impact of tow-steering load path control and automated fiber placement for the design and manufacturing of cryogenic propellant tanks. GO’s air launch systems present a unique application of Langley’s capabilities to develop a composite liquid oxygen tank capable of efficiently distributing aircraft integration loads.

“The collaborative relationship we’ve established together with NASA Langley will enable us to infuse advanced composite materials and automated manufacturing processes into the liquid air launched rocket vehicles we are developing,” commented A.J. Piplica, GO’s Principal Investigator on the effort. “We look forward not only to the results of this effort, but also to working with a talented team of engineers at Langley who are pushing the boundaries of research and development of composite structures design and manufacturing technology.”

David Dress, Associate Director for Space Technology and Advanced Development Programs within the Space Technology and Exploration Directorate at NASA Langley commented on the program: “NASA Langley is very excited to be working with Generation Orbit Launch Services on the advanced design and manufacturing research for the cryogenic propellant tanks for their air launched liquid rockets. This is a project that was selected to create a public-private partnership as part of NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate’s 2015 Announcement of Collaborative Opportunity. NASA Langley’s expertise in composites structures and materials is ideally suited for this partnership, which will also utilize our Integrated Structural Assembly of Advanced Composites (ISAAC) capability.”

About Generation Orbit Launch Services, Inc.

Atlanta-based Generation Orbit Launch Services, Inc. (GO) focuses on providing fast, flexible, and dedicated space transportation services for small payloads. The unique air launch approach developed by GO and its partners offers flexible launch capabilities, poised to reduce fixed infrastructure needs, launch costs, and the time from contract signature to launch. Air launch system experience at GO dates back over 10 years, providing a distinct advantage throughout the design and analysis process. As a systems integrator, GO compiles multiple aspects of the launch architecture to provide a streamlined service to scientists, researchers, and industry customers alike.

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