MST3K Skewers Asteroid Movie

For your viewing pleasure: Joel and the ‘bots from Mystery Science Theater 3000 do a number on a turgid movie from Earth’s distant past about asteroid and moon  miners and space salvagers. In terms of commercial space, the movie was way ahead of its time. In every other respect…not. at. all.

  • Ken Murphy

    What a fun movie. And Catherine Schell in undies? Yummie! (Maya (Space:1999) was my boyhood crush until Princess Leia came along) This was my fourth favorite cislunar space movie in my Cislunar Cinema articles:

    Cislunar Cinema Part 1:
    Cislunar Cinema Part 2:

  • Andrew Tubbiolo

    Such exquisite cheese. How did I never see this on NY Channel 11’s late night movie back in the 80’s?