I Need Your Help

Hi everyone.

This month marks the 9th anniversary of doing this blog. It’s been a great experience for me. I get to cover a very interesting industry, and do what I really like doing.

It’s been a significant drain financially to keep things going for several reasons. I’m not real good at selling ads. It’s not a very comfortable thing for me to do. So, I’m trying work out a long-term strategy for keeping this going. I’m looking for your help on a few areas:

  • Regular full-time or freelance work: If anyone has need for a good writer/editor/analyst, please let me know. I am good at news stories, feature articles, press releases, promotional copy, researching topics and helping others to restructure and rewrite material they have produced. Please contact me at 21stcenturycomm[at]gmail.com.
  • Advertising: If you want to advertise your company, services, etc. please let me know. I could really use more support on the site.
  • Contributions: I really hate asking for donations again, especially having done so several times already, but if you want to help support the work, please use the donation button on the upper right part of the page. Any contribution would be welcome.

Thank you.