FedEx Makes First Commercial Landing on Space Shuttle Runway

Video Caption: When a FedEx 757 landed at Kennedy Space Center’s three-mile shuttle runway, it accomplished something no other commercial aircraft has done before. It became the first commercial carrier to land on the strip, marking the start of a new collaboration between FedEx and the space industry.

  • JamesG

    Well, its not like they are using it for much else these days…

  • windbourne

    huh? Why would FedEx want to go there?

  • TimAndrews868

    From their release, it sounds like they will be making time sensitivities to KSC and or CCAFS directly via the shuttle runway at KSC. I would expect that a lot of materials are shipped to and from KSC by FedEx.

  • Agreed. They did announce their Space Solutions business a few years ago. It almost makes you wonder why that big 3-mile runway wasn’t used for this type of thing for DECADES! Oh that’s right, in the good ole’ days, the astros would do time sensitive deliveries in T-38s, guess that cost too much.

  • Andrew Tubbiolo

    It’s amazing to think the big carriers have enough of a fractional load to justify a stop there, or what would really be amazing is integer freighter loads. What would be even more amazing as to the volume is if the time buildup to justify a flight into KSC is not much longer than the delivery dates desired by the packages.

    They probably save money on brake pads landing there as well. No need for a go around either in most cases. Take any approach you’d like, float as long as you like.

  • ReSpaceAge

    To speed up the SLS Orion program to get us to _________ faster.

    Does NASA pay FEX extra?

  • PK Sink

    Smells like a PR stunt to me. (But I could be wrong about that.)

  • Jeff2Space

    Perhaps Dream Chaser will use it occasionally, but that would still leave well over 360 days each year that FedEx could use it. 😉