ESA Budget Gets 18 Percent Boost

ESA_budget_2016_node_full_imageBuoyed by major satellite and launch vehicle programs, the European Space Agency (ESA) has received an 18.44 percent increase in its budget for 2016.

The space agency’s budget rose from 4.43 billion euros in 2015 to 5.25 billion euros ($4.8 billion to $5.69 billion),  an increase of 817 million euros ($884.8 million).

The European Union is ESA’s biggest contributor, providing 1.32 billion euros ($1.435 billion) or 25.2 percent of the 2016 budget. ESA is overseeing the building and launching of satellites for the EU’s Galileo global positioning constellation and its Copernicus environmental monitoring program.

To date, ESA has launched 12 of 30 planned Galileo satellites into orbit. The space agency has launched the first two Sentinel satellites for the Copernicus program; Sentinel 3-A is set to launch aboard a Russian Rockot booster in mid-February.

ESA_2016_budgetSpending on ESA’s Earth observation programs in 2016 totals 1.6 billion euros ($1.7 billion) , or 30.5 percent of the total budget. The agency’s navigation program accounts for 609.5 million euros ($660 million), or 11.6 percent of the budget.

ESA’s top programmatic areas include:

  • Earth observation — 1.6 billion euros ($1.7 billion)
  • Launchers — 1 billion euros ($1.14 billion)
  • Navigation — 609.5 million euros ($660 million)
  • Scientific — 507.9 million euros ($550 million)
  • Human spaceflight — 365.1 million euros ($395.4 million).

ESA’s launcher programs are getting a major boost this year with a boost of 443.5 million euros ($480.3 million) as the agency ramps up work on the new Ariane 6 and upgraded Vega launcher.

Ariane 6 will replace Ariane 5 now in use. Vega-C will have a greater lifting capacity than the current version of the rocket. The program will also develop technologies for use on Ariane 6.

After the EU, ESA’s top five contributors for 2016 are:

  • Germany — 872.6 million euros ($945 million)
  • France — 844.5 million euros ($914 million)
  • Italy — $512 million euros ($554.5 million)
  • United Kingdom — 324.8 million euros ($350.9 million)
  • Belgium — 188.9 million euros ($204.5 million).

France and Italy have each boosted their contributions to the ESA budget because of their interest in Ariane 6 and Vega-C, respectively.

The space agency has two categories of programs — mandatory and optional. The mandatory programs include basic activities such as research and development, technical investments, information system, and studies of future projects.

ESA’s 22 member states contribute to mandatory programs as a percentage of its gross domestic product. The space agency also has cooperation agreements with seven other European states and Canada.

Contributions to optional programs are at the discretion of individual member states. Optional programs include: human spaceflight, Earth observation, telecommunications, satellite navigation, space transportation and microgravity research.

  • Kapitalist

    ESA’s science missions are great and should be the core competence they focus on. Instead investing in new launchers will fail miserably. Europe has no chance to compete with any US-private or any non-European state space agency launchers, since ALL of them have much lower purchasing parity costs (or they have reusability).

    Most likely, ESA will cease to exist within a couple of years when the EU and the euro also cease to exist because of the many many severe political conflicts (and wars) mounting between different participating governments who hate each other intensely (about the euro crisis, Russia’s war on Ukraine, migration, Schengen, terrorism, lack of any working justice systems, governing fascist parties in most EU-members which are in total and eternal war against all institutions established in European governance national and international. Et cetera.)

    And already this year at least a couple of unrelated phenomena (which I cannot predict) will occur too, both of which will also become severe new unpredicted crises for Europe. It doesn’t matter what happens, Europe’s politicians will do everything they can to turn that into another catastrophe too. That’s evidently the only thing they’ve ever done and know how to do. ESA will soon disintegrate and Europe will do no more in space than other Middle Eastern countries do, i.e. nothing at all.

    Europe has now been turned into an extended copy of the Middle East. And a convenient populated by uneducated religions violent madmen who singularly strive for their ideally tyrannical stone age bedouin culture, they do not have any space flight, nor any kind of industry nor science at all. This is the new Europe, this decade was the big and final turnaround. In a few years ESA is at the same level as Afghanistan’s space program.

  • windbourne

    I think you misposted. The ‘lets make Russia and China happy’ site is elsewhere.

  • ThomasLMatula

    Although this is good, their spending is still only a third of NASA’s budget despite the member nations having a combined GDP larger than the U.S.

  • Kapitalist

    Russia and China are making themselves happy. They have efficient dictators, Western countries do not and are thus now quickly annihilated. All the money and weapons and industries in the world have no value at all if they are governed by a self-destructing monkey, as ALL western countries are.

    The US was be a thousand times more powerful than Iraq and Afghanistan when it invaded these countries (for no good reason). And now that the US military has been utterly defeated, most humiliatingly of all troops ever in the entire history of warfare, by those naked unarmed maniacs, and all US troops now have fled in total panic, leaving behind all of their weapåons to their victorious enemies. It is the stone age islamists which are happy. They have totally defeated the US and now they have occupied all of Europe for ever after.

    The islamists are extremely aggressive now that they have, for decades, proven that they are totally superior to all the worthless gadgets of the US military, and much much more brave and efficient than any US soldier. That is why the arabic monkey now are totally victorious and quickly invade all of Europe as all coward American soldiers flee chaotically in total panic from the militarily superior primitive sand monkeys.

    When the president of France chose to ignore NATO, in order to instead create a direct military alliance with Russia, after the most recent terror attack in Paris, it was because even he understands that the US and NATO has no military capability at all. For half a century NATO has always been defeated in all wars, and always by utterly more primitive enemies. NATO should be abolished an replaced by some kind of organization which instead have any kind of knowledge about warfare. NATO knows nothing and has never succeeded with anything. NATO is the eternal defeat. If NATO confronted today’s Russia, all of NATO would immediately be completely rolled over without any ability to offer any resistance anywhere. All history of humiliating US military defeats proves this without exceptions. The US military is a totally unproductive (at best!) tax hog. But all stupid americans idiotically celebrate their own grave diggers as if they were heros.

  • windbourne

    different priorities.

  • windbourne

    Like I said, you are posting at the wrong site.

  • Snofru Chufu

    It is a pity that there is no possibilty to give you 10 points for your comment at once! US liberals (as windbourne or Vladimir) seem to live in another. Sweden and Germany seem to share exactly same experiences in this terrific time.

  • Kapitalist

    America explored and explores space. No one else in the world really cares. Our lifetime now is unique in that space exploration very well might end now any day. Permanently until everything on Earth has died. All of humanities space exploration relies on some random thin string in a presidential election this year. The future of all life will now be decided by those who don’t give a fuck about it.

  • Kapitalist

    Unfortunately, there will be no explosion. I am a Swede, I know something about Swedes. I will leave Saudinavia, I will not fight for it, and I know that no other Swedes will either. Stockholm is the new world center of islamic terrorism. Russia will soon bomb ISIS military bases in central Stockholm as they do in Damascus. Now that all islamic young men, and all other criminals in the world, can come to Sweden without any form of check or control, and without risking any punishment for any of their crimes here (because they would be rightly executed at home if they have done the same thing there).

    So, if you want to strangle your girlfrien, take here to Sweden and strangle her here. Even in the extremely unlikely case (one in 50) that you are arrested by the Swedish police, don’t care about it, after a few months you as a murderer will be called to a court consisting of politicians (yes, in Sweden politicians are the judges, not staff who are trained in law in any way). Since you are a foreigner you will automatically be freed from all charges, that is the only allowed political dogma in Sweden and hence how all our political courts decide in all cases. Last year all criminals in the world finally realized that this is in fact the case, it is not any propaganda myth, but how life and death in Saudinavia is actually handled. That’s why all the criminals in the world now mass immigrate to Sweden. And our government, nor the opposition which governed 8 years until a year ago, have or intend to do anything about it. This is exactly what they want.

    Pat Condell is disoriented when he talks about “voting” about it. There will never be another election in Sweden, exactly like there will never be any election in the stone age bedouin tyranny of Saudi Arabia, which today has the same population and culture as Sweden does.

    What those who do not understand that it is very bad to be a Swede in Sweden today, as it was to be a Jew in Germany 1939, is that they don’t know that Sweden has no police and no military. The government have abolished those two institutions. This might be hard to understand for an American. But it has been done so that the millions of islamists can dominate with their own “laws” and “police corps”. Which they do in Sweden today. The tiny untrained and unequipped Swedish police CANNOT do anything about it even if their orders suddenly were reversed to try so. Sweden is from today and for thousands of years a province in Saudi Arabia. The idiots here who do not understand this obvious fact, will be tortured to death by their admired governmental masters.

    And “we” increase space investments!?? Hahaha!

  • Snofru Chufu

    Beside some minor details, replace the word Sweden by Germany in your comment and it keeps valid. “Space” seems quite meaningless compared that huge problems/threats which affect our pure existence here in Sweden, Germany and
    other places in Europe. I am using “space activities” to divert
    myself somewhat from harsh reality and its most probable future projections, because taintless space (Raumfahrt) elevates yourself (similar as astronomy) and its stands for the best in men.

  • Snofru Chufu

    It seems to me that you missed to understand what is the subject of “Kahere, even if it may not correclt

  • Snofru Chufu

    I wish all the best. Are you plan to leave the European continent at whole?

  • Kapitalist

    Oh yes! Leaving Europe is the obvious survival option. But Ireland or St. Petersburg are feasible alternatives too. If the Hungarians or Poles manage to to remain non-islamistic, they would be options too. But I’m pretty sure they will soon be defeated and exterminated because of the sheer scale of this quick invasion of tens of millions of islamists to Europe. When Germany is an islamic state, within a few years, they will invade Poland, again.

    Although only after my lifetime, so politically select parts of Central Europe might be an option for me. i don’t care for the millions of “feminist” socialist idiots who now quickly will get themselves murdered and purged out of power. They are all idiots. I don’t even think about them as humans. All socialists always fail. The only good thing with islamists is that they systematically murder all socialists.

  • Snofru Chufu
  • Kapitalist

    Yes, I’m sorry. I’m upset because my society is now very quickly and irreversibly totally destroyed. Talk about European space flight is provocative since it is a pipe dream. Arab countries have no industry, and Europe is now an arabic country. The European space industry should immediately be physically destroyed, burnt to the ground, to not let it fall into the hands of the arabs and used as weapons against civilized parts of the world.

  • windbourne

    Nothing to be sorry about.
    I have been staying up on the chaos that reigns in Europe right now, and am not liking it either. However, I will say, as an American of European descent (Scottish, German, and French), that your cultures WILL survive if you learn to adapt and integrate the refugees into your culture. I will point out that you have less than 10% minorities, even with the refugees there. Here in America, we are the most mixed nation on this planet. No other has near the mixture that we have.
    America’s weakness right now are many with 10% of our population being illegal immigrants driving down wages, while doing the equivelence of offshoring; our deficits due to massive tax cuts combined with massive spending bill; while I differ with you about afghanistan, I fully agree with you about our involvement in the middle east (W caused nothing but shear chaos; worse, with a history degree, he learned nothing of the issues of WWI and II); Now we have the GOP working to divide America and are succeeding. Yet, they make none of the changes necessary to solve our issues.

    Europe overall, works together. At the moment, you have a number of issues, but, I think that if you stick together as a federation, that you will make it. If you break up, it will only lead to competition between you. And we know what competition looks like in Europe from 80 and 100 years ago.

    As to ESA, do not sweat it. There is no doubt that Airbus is in trouble due to SpaceX, along with Blue Origin. These 2 companies are about to change the world by opening space to mankind (yes, mankind, not just America). When clinton became president, he pushed the ISS into work with Russia, and then involved other western nations. The idea was not just to help Russia, but also to help bring other western nations up to America’s levels. ESA has come a LONG way over the last 20-30 years. My belief is that NASA will go to the moon within 5 years due to private space, and it WILL involve all of the ISS partners, including russia. If China’s leadership has changed their tune and stops their cold wars and will honor WTO, along with the clinton/china accords, it will enable us to bring China onboard as well. OTOH, if china continues with their BS, then no. We will likely not bring them on-board.

  • windbourne

    again, you have no idea of what you talk about.

  • windbourne

    well, if you stay, hopefully, we will meet sometime.
    My wife is going back to work at Boeing and we may still move out to gothenberg.
    And with my brother in England and my having spent a bit of time in Germany (and having in-laws over there), I look forward to spending time traveling through there.
    There are terrorists in Europe, which is why when Snowden spoke about more than the spying on Americans, was soooo stupid. We were spying throughout most of Europe, but with each nation’s gov’s PERMISSION. That is why there had been so few attacks. America kept catching them in the act (and there were more attacks that were not reported to the media). Now, it is only a matter of time before both Europe and America have new 9/11s.

    But, each nation will get past this down the road. If nothing else, look at the cold war and RAF. Ultimately, West Germany beat the RAF (sorry snofru; i am sure that you wished that they had won).

  • Snofru Chufu

    RAF? Windbourne, I am sorry, but you have no idea what we (Kapitalist and me) talked about here. However,I like it if you see not as liberal, just better as the opposite.

  • windbourne

    You were east german and probably did quite well under the old ‘communist’ system. BUT, I suspect that You never heard of the RAF.

  • windbourne

    Actually, the later part of that is interesting.
    Same issues are happening in America

  • Snofru Chufu

    All of that is more “interesting”, because that the real situation here.

  • Kapitalist

    Do you like to move to Aleppo in Syria today? No? Then why to Göteborg which within 10 years will be more arabic than Aleppo is today?

    This is not at all about “terrorism” as in 911. This is about the number of school pupils increasing by 7% last year, in the form of 25 year old islamic men claiming to be children. Therefor the Swedish government places two grown up islamist men in each and every school class in Sweden. Two new ones every year. While the number of teachers is decreasing and Sweden already was the worst migration integrator in the world (highest unemployment, worst language knowledge) already a ear ago when the rate of migration was only 1/10 of what it is today (back then already at the highest rate in the world per capita).

    The arab culture says that women are cattle and should be kept and bred as such. Arabism is a stone age cattle culture which since many thousands of years has had as its greatest taboo to in any way ever change or adapt to anything.

    This is about Sweden quickly getting an arab majority population who insists on keeping their cattle culture. Sweden has no military and no police, so millions of arab soldiers now establishing their own stone age state on Swedish territory have already won by pure force and numbers. It doesn’t matter anymore what the parliament says, it is completely powerless before the new superpower on the streets. It’s just the looting and enslavery left. Don’t let your wife go to Aleppo=Göteborg (not if you still love her)

  • Alesayr

    Well, you know the United Arab Emirites has a decent space program. And Iran is one of only a dozen or so countries in the world that can launch satellites into orbit.

    India has the largest population of Muslims on the planet, and they’re one of the greatest space powers too (behind only the Big 3, Europe, and Japan)

    Israel is also in the Middle East with an impressive space program for their countries size. So really, when you’re talking about the Middle east and spaceflight, you’re talking out your ass.

    Now that said, I sort of agree with you. At the moment the European main launcher (Arianespace) is the dominant launch provider on the planet. But even though they’re transitioning to the new Ariane 6, I don’t think they’ll be able to effectively compete with SpaceX unless they pursue reusability.

    I also think you might be right regarding the EU. Which is very sad, but I don’t have a huge amount of hope.

    Europe isn’t anything like the middle east at the moment. But you’re correct that it looks like it’s going to choose to fade into irrelevancy rather than rejuvenate into a new strong force in the world.