Check Out Virgin Galactic’s New Flight Suits

Video Caption: Astronauts piloting Virgin Galactic’s commercial space flights will suit-up in these one-piece uniforms by Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas’ brand Y-3.

The prototype spacesuits and accompanying boots were revealed at the Foster + Partners-designed Spaceport America in New Mexico today.

Y-3’s all-in-one navy flight suit is made from a heat-resistant synthetic material called Nomex Meta Aramid, which is woven using a 3D-engineered pattern.

The suit zips up at the front of the torso, and also opens up the shins. It has been tailored to support a pilot’s natural seating position, identified through a series of tests with Virgin Galatic’s team.

“The pilot flight-suit prototype that we have developed truly represents both of our brands and, more importantly, will ensure comfort, functionality and support for the pilots of the world’s first commercial space flights,” said Y-3 senior design director Lawrence Midwood.

Y-3 has also developed lace-up boots made from leather and Nomex, with outsoles designed for grip and heel inserts for added comfort and shock absorption.

Pilots will begin trialling the apparel during Virgin Galactic’s flight test program, and their feedback will be used to optimise the designs.

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Editor’s Note:  These aren’t really spacesuits in any traditional sense of the word. They’re flight suits you wear to space. They won’t protect the pilots against rapid decompression, for example.