ACME Advanced Materials Selects Aircraft for Microgravity Processing

ACME_logoALBUQUERQUE, NM, January 13, 2016 (ACME PR) — ACME Advanced Materials, Inc. today announced that they have decided to use parabolic aircraft to produce their first generation of Silicon Carbide (SiC) semiconductor material instead of suborbital rockets. Although initially conceived as a series of demonstration experiments that would lead to space based production of semiconductor material, ACME’s aircraft flights demonstrated that carefully designed and executed parabolic profiles could provide a commercially viable product without the need for space flight.

“We’ve been very aggressive about protecting our methodology up to this point because we wanted to keep all of our options open.” said ACME’s President & CEO, Rich Glover. “But the latest analysis from our advisory group has shown that the microgravity environment produced by our parabolic flights is sufficient to yield superior material and at a much lower cost point than suborbital flights.” This makes ACME’s S-Grade SiC very cost effective in the rapidly expanding power electronics market.

“We believe there may still be room for material improvement which is why we are working with CASIS to fly a series of longer duration experiments on the ISS,” added Rich Glover. “For now though, we are really looking forward to talking with the rest of the New Space community about what we are doing. While this doesn’t directly demonstrate the commercial viability of orbital production, it does show the commercial viability of microgravity enhanced products. It is a very positive incremental step.”

Over the next few months, ACME will be releasing images and flight details involving our partner, Sierra Industries of Uvalde, Texas. They created a superb flight platform and then developed some very unique processes for ensuring optimum and tailored parabolic flight profile execution. We’re looking forward to many more flights with them in the future.

About ACME Advanced Materials, Inc.

ACME Advanced Materials, Inc. (A2M) was formed to exploit breakthrough technology that was developed and demonstrated by Masterson Industries, LLC. The Masterson merger with A2M was completed on January 27, 2014 and A2M is the sole surviving entity. A2M is the parent company to a family of wholly owned subsidiaries with each subsidiary established to further develop and commercialize unique A2M technologies. A2M is a privately owned corporation supported by funding from both US and International venture groups.