Roscosmos is Dead — Long Live Roscosmos!

Vladimir_PutinVladimir Putin signed Executive Order On Abolishing the Federal Space Agency

MOSCOW (Russian President’s Office PR) — In accordance with Federal Law of July 13, 2015 On State Corporation for Space Activities Roscosmos, the President resolved to abolish the Federal Space Agency.

The Russian Federation Government has been instructed to ensure continuity in carrying out the powers and functions being transferred to Roscosmos that had previously been performed by the abolished Federal Space Agency, and to resolve financial, support and other issues pertaining to implementation of the Executive Order.

Editor’s Note: Russia has transformed its space agency into a state-owned corporation that will now control virtually the entire space industry. Whether this change will help solve the industry’s many problems — which include graft, inefficiency, bloat, poor quality control, aging workforce, a shortage of replacement workers, low pay and a lack of innovation  — remains to be seen.  Given Putin’s tendency to centralize everything, it’s probably the only move he could make.