Alsbury to be Honored With School Academy

Mike Alsbury
Mike Alsbury

The Lancaster School District has decided to name a new science, technology, engineering, mathematics and arts academy after two Scaled Composites test pilots: Mike Alsbury and Fitzhugh “Fitz” Fulton.

The new school will be called the Fulton & Alsbury Academy of Arts and Engineering.

Alsbury was killed last year when SpaceShipTwo broke up in the sky near Koehn Lake. He joined Scaled Composites in 1998, logging more than 1,000 hours in the Proteus high-altitude aircraft.

Fulton flew experimental aircraft for the U.S. Air Force and NASA, testing the X-1, X-15, XB-70, and YF-12 A and YF-12C. Fulton, who passed away in February, finished his career at Scaled Composites.