UrtheCast & Heineken Snap Giant Selfie from Space to Promote James Bond ‘Spectre’ Film

VANCOUVER, Nov. 6, 2015 (UrtheCast PR)) — Yesterday, Nov. 5, 2015, UrtheCast and Heineken captured and unveiled a massive selfie from space — a first of its kind — to support the release of the newest Bond film, ‘Spectre’, and to celebrate Heineken’s partnership with the iconic James Bond film franchise.

Dubbed the ‘Spyfie’ by Heieneken, the giant selfie was captured at an exclusive event for over 200 special guests at the Hoover Dam, Nevada, U.S. Orbiting 600 km above the Earth’s surface, the Deimos-2 camera zoomed into Spyfie guests at Hoover Dam to capture a spectacular bird’s eye view. The soaring view was then boosted via a camera relay to give a close-up image of each individual guest.

“When Heineken® approached us with the idea earlier this year, capturing an enormous selfie from space was not something we’d attempted, but we were delighted to lend our technological expertise,” stated UrtheCast CEO and Co-founder, Scott Larson. “This ‘Spyfie’ showcases the capabilities of Deimos-2 in a truly novel way, and highlights precisely what our camera and web technology provide — tools for change and creative collaboration.”

“The Spectre campaign goes beyond a standard partnership with the film franchise,” said Ralph Rijks, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Heineken USA. “We wanted to open Bond’s world to all with a more innovative, cutting-edge approach, from providing fans with a Facebook-first launch of our new spot starring Daniel Craig, right through to capturing the one-of-a-kind ‘Spyfie’ moment itself, all of which has set the benchmark for future global campaigns of this scale.”